Is Daniel Granger married? Body Fixers hairdresser's love life explored

The hit E4 makeover series Body Fixers came to Netflix this summer and pulled in tonnes of new fans around the world. 

The show is set in a salon and follows a team of beauty experts as they help participants undergo a major change. There are the hairdressers, Daniel and Nathan, beauticians April and Melissa, make-up artist Alex, and cosmetic doctor Dr Esho.

One of the stars of the show is undeniably Daniel Granger, 38, who has viewers swooning as a result of his skills and good looks.

But inevitably, Body Fixers fans want to know whether Daniel is single or taken. So, is Daniel Granger married?

Screenshot: April and Daniel in Body Fixers season 1 – Netflix

Is Daniel Granger married?

Unconfirmed, but unlikely.

We would have to say it’s most likely that Body Fixers hairdresser Daniel is not married. He never wears a ring on his wedding finger and has kept any details of a relationship strictly out of the public eye.

In fact, Daniel has kept extremely private about his relationships, particularly as he’s very public with sharing images of his children. We found no trace of a partner anywhere on Daniel Granger’s social media – not Instagram, nor Twitter. It’s either that Daniel Granger just wants to keep his private life private, or that he’s totally single.

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Daniel Granger: Children

Daniel has three children who he frequently talks about on Instagram.

The 38-year-old hairdresser has a daughter named Millie Bayes, who is now about to become a parent herself. Then, Daniel has a son named Frank and a baby daughter named Arla.

It is unconfirmed who the mother of these three children are, as Daniel has never discussed her identity. It is also unconfirmed whether or not Daniel was in relationships with the mothers of his children.

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