Love is Blind: Live Reunion was not working as planned on April 16. The live issues meant that it could not be streamed while the drama went down, but we can reveal when the filmed reunion airs.

Netflix originally planned to host Love is Blind’s reunion as the first-ever live reality show on its streaming platform. Unfortunately, there were live issues which meant the entire live aspect was not working as it was meant to.

Wondering whether Love is Blind: Live is now working? Well, kinda. The reunion was filmed and is set to be streamed on Netflix soon. Reality Titbit can reveal the release date and what’s happening after the issues.

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Is Love is Blind: Live working?

No, the live version of the Love is Blind season 4 reunion is not working. However, viewers will be pleased to know that the episode will still be airing soon as it was still filmed by Netflix to be watched later.

Netflix issued an apology, telling fans they were filming it rather than streaming it live:

To everyone who stayed up late, woke up early, gave up their Sunday afternoon… we are incredibly sorry that the Love is Blind Live Reunion did not turn out as we had planned. We’re filming it now and we’ll have it on Netflix as soon as humanly possible. Again, thank you and sorry.

It was due to air on Sunday, April 16, at 8pm ET (5pm ET), but was not working at the time due to live issues. Many fans were incredibly confused about what had happened and why the reunion was not working.

Love is Blind reunion live issues

Viewers were not happy about the Love is Blind: Live Reunion issues. Many took to social media to discuss the fact it wasn’t working, with some making memes about the reunion not working live.

One fan jokily wrote: “BREAKING: Netflix says to check your mail for a DVD copy of the LIVE reunion.”

Another penned: “Marshall realizing that the real project he needed to fix was Netflix Live.”

“How you gonna test going live NOW. This is like making Mac n cheese for the first time ever on Christmas day. NOW AINT THE TIME BABY,” reacted a viewer on social media.

Season 4 reunion release date and time

The Love is Blind season 4 reunion’s release date is Monday, April 17, at 12pm PT. That means 3pm ET (and 8pm for those in the UK). So don’t worry, it’s on our way to Netflix – just one day later and not live!

Netflix made a promise on Twitter that it would be available to watch globally a day later. Hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey will be quizzing the Love is Blind contestants at the reunion, where three couples arrived together.

The reunion was set to be two hours and 15 minutes long but is now one hour and 40 minutes. If you watch it from the start, you’ll have finished watching by 1.40pm. Let’s get the popcorn ready!


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