There have been some bizarre dating shows over the years, but Netflix’s latest addition to the field, Love is Blind, takes the cake.

The show sees singletons living in Atlanta communicate with one another through “pods,” much akin to The Circle, except here they speak with their voices rather than text.

After just a couple of days (and we’re seriously talking just a couple) they decided on who they want to marry. They are then whisked off on a romantic retreat to Mexico where they continue to get to know one another; wedding planning follows. The experiment to find out whether love truly is blind last just 38 days, which proves make or break for the couples.

But one thing viewers can’t get over while watching the show is how scripted it feels. So, is Love is Blind real or fake?

Screenshot: Love is Blind S1 E1 – Netflix

Love is Blind pods: 100% real

The first two episodes see the daters take to the pods to get to know one another. Although we don’t see too much of the interactions between the couples who don’t spark instantly, this section feels genuine.

From the interactions between those who click and those who don’t – *ahem* Barnett and Diamond – it’s clear to see that this section of the show is all down to the cast.

Then again in episode 5, when they all finally meet face to face, they discuss in detail how they thought they would look like from their interactions in the pods.

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Bedroom antics

Love is Blind really starts to feel staged from episode 3 onwards, when we are allowed into the bedrooms of the couples.

Pretty much any reality TV fan will have seen episodes of Love Island or Jersey/Geordie Shore. We know what it looks like to peer behind the curtain for the couples’ bedroom antics. It tends to be filmed on a night camera stuck in the corner of the bedroom, not shot with a full camera crew.

The morning after the couples spent their first night together, they were filmed using scenic, crafted shots. You wouldn’t think after spending the first night with your future husband/wife, you’d want to let a whole crew of cameramen in to share the moment, now would you?

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Fights can’t be fake?

Reality TV is meant to be unscripted; that’s one of the main reasons watching it can be so darn fun! From slip-ups to full-on fights, what the participants come out with naturally tends to be more shocking than anything anyone could script.

Fights are the best example of unscripted reality television. And so the fight between Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton in episode 4 might lead you to believe that Love is Blind is 100% real.

The two came to blows after Carlton revealed to his financée Diamond that he had previously been in a relationship with both men and women. This lead to a full on argy-bargy and resulted in Diamond throwing her drink at Carlton. Perfect reality TV, right?

From the reactions of both Diamond and Carlton, we’re sure these moments were unscripted. But there are some viewers who think the fights between Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli feel much more staged. It’s tough to call.

The Runaway Bride

If things didn’t already feel false enough with Giannina and Damian, eagle-eyed fans spotted some continuity errors in the final episode which made them question whether the whole scene was staged.

In the final episode, just as Giannina and Damian were about to tie the knot, he changed his mind, and Giannina fled the scene in classic runaway bride style.

As she ran, Gigi slipped in the mud, dirtying her wedding dress. However, just one scene later, where Giannina goes to speak to Damian post-jilt, her dress is clean again.

It left many of us viewers wondering whether the whole scene had, in fact, been staged.


Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix

No mud

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix

So, is Love is Blind real or not?

Well, nothing has been confirmed by Netflix and they advertised it as reality television, so we think it is real… that is, for the most part.

As is the way with the best dating shows such as Love Island and The Bachelor, we think the production team behind Love is Blind have been pulling the strings ever so slightly and intervening to create drama. There is a team referenced in the credits that help with ‘story’ which gives this assumption even more credit.

However, even if they are twisting the narratives here and there, we think the people and the dialogue are all real. Plus, there are those spontaneous fights which definitely feel unscripted.



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