Netflix: Who was Maxayn's son Jahsun? Worn Stories mom talks of tragic loss

Netflix’s Worn Stories will feature Maxayn, a bereaved mom who lost her son Jahsun. She opens up about her tragic loss on the series.

You might have thought that clothes were just that – pieces of clothing we wear – but they have a completely new meaning on Worn Stories.

Based on the bestseller by Emily Spivak, the memories attached to garments are demonstrated through several heart-wrenching stories.

One of those stories is told by Maxayn. So, what happened to her son Jahsun? Who was he? Keep reading to find out more about him.

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Who was Jah-san?

Jahsun Ahmad Patton, who died at 18, was a college football player.

He lived in Northeast Philadelphia, but regularly made the journey to Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School in West Philadelphia.

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Jahsun was the defensive back for the Boys’ Latin football team.

In 2017, he had an injury on the field that meant he had to wear a brace from his ankle to knee.

He planned to continue playing football, had a 3.5 GPA and was accepted into several colleges.

He was born on April 12, 1999, to mother Maxayn and his father, Quinn Patton. His name means “God is the center of all things”.

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Maxayn opens up about Jahsun

Jahsun’s mother Maxayn heads into airbrush artist Mutt’s store on Worn Stories, as he makes t-shirts which pay tribute to those who have died.

She said he was a “hard-worker”, adding that you couldn’t change his mind because he was stubborn like her.

It helps Maxayn to heal by talking about her son. She said:

Getting shirts made allows me to talk about him more. I definitely tell other moms that. ‘Speak their names.’ Because it keeps them here with you. Helps you remember who they were, not what happened to them.

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What happened to Jahsun?

  • Jahsun’s mom said he was shot and killed

He died on November 25th, 2017, at his sister’s Harrisburg apartment.

The gunman, a 30-year-old North Carolina man, was reportedly convicted of third degree murder and is currently serving a 25 to 50-year sentence. 

When the incident happened, Jahsun and his family were celebrating him getting acceptances for numerous colleges.

His mom said he was shot and killed by his sister’s boyfriend’s brother “out of pure jealousy”, who he had never met until that day.

A football memorial scholarship fund and mentoring program called Jahworld18 has been established, in his memory.

Missing you dearly. You have left an imprint on so many hearts because of yours. We love you and we miss you, keep smiling on us with that smile that lit up rooms. We have so much to talk about when I see you again ❤.#Jahworld18 #Jahworld_18 #JahSunPatton

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