Netflix’s latest reality series Skin Decision proves there’s more than meets the eye for plastic surgery dramas. 

On the surface, you may think that a reality show about people undergoing plastic surgery would be totally superficial. That’s where Skin Decision comes in to prove you wrong. Instead of focussing on clients who use plastic surgery for to alter their appearance for cosmetic reasons, the clientele on Skin Decision have troubling stories leading them to need plastic surgery. Whether that’s from a trauma such as a car crash or violent attack, or from skin disorders such as cystic acne.

The two experts heading up the show are Dr Sheila Nazarian and Nurse Jamie Sherrill. The two skin experts take differing approaches but with some pretty unbelievable results: Sheila focusses on surgical work, whereas Jamie is non-invasive.

Given both women are skin experts, it’s no surprise they’ve kept themselves looking youthful and glowy. Viewers may be shocked when they find out the ages of both the Skin Decision hosts. So, how old is Jamie Sherrill?

Screenshot: Jamie Sherrill in Skin Decision S1 E1 – Netflix

Meet Nurse Jamie

Skin Decision might be the first time many viewers have encountered Nurse Jamie, but she’s actually been all over our TV screens for years. She has previous appeared as a guest on the likes of Extra and E! News.

Jamie Sherrill is a favourite of many celebrities such as Jenna Dewan, Ashley Tisdale, Lisa Rinna, and Hilary Duff.

She a registered nurse and the founder of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, California. Jamie is also the creator of her super successful eponymous skin care and beauty tool line.

Jamie Sherrill: Age

  • 49

As of this year, Nurse Jamie Sherrill is 49 years old.

Jamie’s birthday is on January 2nd, which makes her a Capricorn. This also means she was born in 1971.

Is Jamie Sherrill married?


In April 2020, E! News reported that Jamie is in a relationship with 68-year-old musician John Mellencamp. John and Jamie Sherrill got together earlier this year. This was after John’s engagement with Hollywood actress Meg Ryan ended.

Jamie has three children from a previous relationship with Harold Wrobel. She gave birth to triplets in December 2011. They are called Jagger, Marigold and Madison.



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