Where is Jennifer Sweeney now? We found the Queer Eye Philadelphia star on Instagram!

Queer Eye season 5 welcomed a whole new cast of characters into our lives. From Jersey Shore DJs and dog groomers to a pastor and anxious activist, this season saw it all. But the one ‘Hero’ who truly stood out to viewers was Jennifer Sweeney.

The Philly housewife equipped with her Port Richmond accent and love for Polish cuisine quickly stole all of our hearts – and the Fab 5’s for that matter.

Inevitably, many Queer Eye fans want updates on Jennifer. We’ve done some digging to find out more about the episode 7 star. We even found Jennifer on Instagram for updates on the whole Sweeney family.

Screenshot: Queer Eye S5 E7 – Netflix

Who is Jennifer?

Jennifer Sweeney is a 48 year old from Glenolden, Philadelphia. She was nominated for Queer Eye by her three daughters: Dana, 23, Rachel, 21, and 18-year-old Ashley.

A major part of Jennifer’s story on Queer Eye was the fact that her husband John – who she has been married to for 24 years – has ALS. ALS, which is also known as motor neurone disease, is a degenerative disease which is life-threatening. Jennifer is her husband’s primary caregiver as well as supermom to her three daughters. She had little time to focus on herself, which is where the Fab 5 came in!

The Queer Eye team swooped in just as the youngest Sweeney daughter was leaving home. Dana, the eldest, is an interior designer. Rachel recently graduated from Immaculata University and is now headed to Villanova Law, and Ashley is finally off to college.

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Jennifer Sweeney on Queer Eye

Although there was much for Jennifer to be excited for in her Queer Eye makeover – the new clothes, redesigned home, fresh hairdo – it was the food she was most excited about.

Jennifer and Antoni quickly bonded over their Polish heritage and Antoni promised to show her how to cook some traditional food. They made Polish potato pancakes, as well as completing the feast with some pierogies and kielbasa sausages.

While on the show, Jennifer’s house was completely redesigned by Bobby Berk who made it accessible for John.

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Where is Jennifer Sweeney now?

If you want to keep up to date with the latest on Jennifer Sweeney, then we’ve got you covered: we found her on Instagram!

You can follow Jennifer Sweeney on Instagram, where she has a public account @jennifersweeney1070.

We also found the Sweeney girls on Instagram and they’ve posted tonnes of pics of their family looking happier than ever. Jen has kept her chic new hairdo and Tan’s stylishly curated wardrobe




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