Netflix: Who are Jones and Laura on Nailed It Double Trouble? Meet the baking duo!

Baking duo Jones and Laura are doing their best to win a $10,000 prize on Netflix’s Nailed It! Double Trouble. So, who are the mother and son?

Hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, Jones and Laura are one double contestant who try to impress with their baking skills – under the clock.

Instead of its usual individual contestants, it’s now Double Trouble time, and Jones has decided to bring his mom’s baking skills to the table.

So, who are Jones and Laura on the Netflix baking show? Have they always baked together and what are their usual jobs?

Screenshot: Jones and Laura Levenson, Nailed It! Double Trouble, Episode 5, Netflix

Who are Jones and Laura?

Laura Norton Levenson, a 59-year-old from Houston, is the mother of Jones.

She is a mother and grandmother, as well as a wife to a man called Russ.

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Jones, 31, is a VR content producer from Orlando, and has been married to engagement manager Brie Ros since November 2019.

He was on the opening design team for Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Islands of Adventure, and has worked on several media projects!

The mother-son duo appeared on Nailed It! Double Trouble on Netflix, as Jones reportedly said his mum was his “baking inspiration”.

Jones and Laura on Nailed It! Double Trouble

The mother and son have been baking together their whole life, with Jones claiming that Laura is “easily the best baker”.

Tasked with making Grandma cookie cutter cakes, they sported matching sparkly gold hats and got down to business.

They were told their cake was a favourite taste-wise, but lost to another double contestant Maurica and Portia.

Jones had reportedly applied for the show after watching the first season, but did not hear back for another year.

He was asked to resubmit his application and had to record baking videos, which is when he decided to bring his mum into the picture.

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The Levensons: Career background

Jones is an associate technical producer at Cubic Corporation.

He was previously a design manager at ITEC Entertainment Corporation, and before that worked for Universal Creative.

The producer has worked on major projects, such as Harry Potter, Nintendo, Despicable Me, Spider-Man, Sesame Street, Dreamworks, King Kong, and Spielberg!

Laura Norton Levenson formerly studied at Auburn University, following her attendance at Handley High School.

She is now retired, but volunteers with her church and local park.



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