Choi Jong-Woo owns a cafe with his family called Super Sweet Corn Coffee, which is based in Gangwon-do. He revealed the business to Shin Seul-ki on Single’s Inferno, to which she replied: “I know that place.”

Spoilers: Season 2 saw Seul-ki pick Jong-Woo out of three men who lined up to leave the island with her. She’s now realised that she laid eyes on him before the Netflix dating show. Talk about fate!

Seul-ki claimed she’d come across Jong-Woo’s Instagram pre-Singles Inferno, leaving viewers curious about exactly what the cafe owned by him and his family is. Let’s sneak a peek inside Super Sweet Corn Coffee.

Jong-woo works at Super Sweet Corn Coffee

Jong-woo’s family-owned business Super Sweet Corn Coffee can be found at Gangwon, Gangneung-si, Nankungsul-ro, 144 82-7 Gallery Dance. Fans can find the Signature Invitation Corn Coffee in Gallary Bob cafe, in the Gallary Hills.

When Seul-ki and Jong Woo sat down to eat food together on Single’s Inferno, she asked him what he did for work, to which he gave her a clue: it’s in the room they’re sat in. She couldn’t guess, so he said it’s what’s in his drink.

He revealed he has a cafe with his parents – where he works as a barista – and named the place and location. Seul-ki’s jaw dropped before, much to Jong-woo’s surprise, she told him: “I know that place.”

Seul-ki saw Jong-woo before Singles Inferno

Seul-ki confessed that she had “seen him on Insta” before Singles Inferno.  “I wanted to drink Super Sweet Corn Coffee so bad,” she said. “So I looked it up, and that’s the first place that popped up.”

Jong-woo works in one of the coffee shop’s locations, which a show host claimed is famous. Seul-ki revealed to him that she’s a pianist and will have her graduation performance next year.

“You should come watch,” she told him. “Then I’ll bring two cups of super sweet corn coffee with me,” he replied. “Well, your friends will be there, so they can take them to go.”  She asked if there could be a coffee truck, and he agreed!

Netflix fans obsess over Jong-woo’s cafe

When Singles Inferno viewers heard about Jong-woo’s family cafe, many took to Reddit to discuss exactly how corn-flavored coffee tastes, and asked if anyone had tried the unique drink in the past.

One fan wrote: “I can say with some confidence that I found it. The reviews say it’s famous for its corn coffee just like they said on the show. They say you have to wait there for a while and sometimes they sell out of it.”

Another penned: “Actually corn flavored lattes are popular in Korea. Seul-ki said she wanted to try corn coffee so she looked it up and the cafe was listed first as selling it.”



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