Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart is a mother of four and her youngest is Aron Hendler.

The Netflix show recently premiered its second season which chronicles major shakeups in Julia’s personal life and career.

It follows the mother of four’s shock firing as Elite World Group’s CEO and also her divorce from Silvio Scaglia.

While Julia’s other three kids star on the show, her youngest Aron has stayed off-screen.

My Unorthodox Life season 3 isn't confirmed yet
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Meet Julia Haart’s orthodox son Aron Hendler

Aron is the 51-year-old fashion designer’s fourth child. The 15-year-old does not star in the show but does occasionally post on his Instagram.

Aron has over 23,000 followers on Instagram.

His profile reveals that he is a practicing Jew and is often pictured wearing his kippah. He has also posted videos of himself giving sermons to his followers and reading religious texts. He’s also been pictured at the famous Western Wall in Jerusalem.

For the unversed, a kippah is a tiny skull cap or head covering often worn by religious people from the community.

His Instagram is also filled with pictures featuring his siblings, sister Batsheva, Miriam, and brother Shlomo.

Besides expressing his faith and love for family, Aron also posts goofy pictures with his friends like most other 15-year-olds.

How old are Julia’s other children?

Before she was a fashion mogul, Julia was a homemaker mother of four living in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in New York City.

Julia’s eldest is daughter Batsheva, 28.

Her eldest son is Shlomo, 27. The fashion mogul’s third child Miriam who came out as bisexual in season 1 is 22 years old.

Julia’s beginnings into the world of fashion

In her 2021 New York Times interview Julia revealed that before becoming part owner of Elite World Group, she sold insurance while caring for her children.

She was only 16 years old when she learned to sew.

“I’d been making my own clothes, even though in my community fashion is a giant no-no,” she previously told the outlet.

The mother of four fled her community in 2012. Just a few months later, she launched her luxury shoe brand.

A few years into the fashion business she became the creative director of the Italian lingerie and swimwear brand La Perla.

She met her now estranged husband, the Italian entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia during her time at La Perla and became, the co-owner and the chief executive of Elite World Group.



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