As Bling Empire launches on Netflix, Kane Lim’s parents are on viewer’s minds. So what is the star’s ethnicity?

The new reality series gives us an insight into the lives of a wealthy group of Asians residing in Los Angeles.

Kane Lim is amongst the rich cast list, who leads a successful lifestyle as a real estate developer, to name just one business venture.

So who are his parents? We explored Kane’s ethnicity to find out!

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Who is Kane Lim?

Kane Lim is a real estate developer, investor and philanthropist.

Apart from designing handbags and jacket collection, the 31-year-old has many designer items of his own, from Dior, Versace and Cartier.

He said that he started his own business when he was 17 years old, and had made his first million 3 years later.

Kane, who is Asian, moved from Singapore to Los Angeles nine years ago for education purposes.

Who are Kane Lim’s parents?

Kane’s dad is a billionaire business owner from Singapore, which has reportedly helped with his son’s success when it comes to investing.

When Kane turned 17, his dad gave him a 5-figure loan which he used to start investments in fashion and stocks – and he paid it back in two months!

As reported by asiaone, Kane declined to reveal details of his family business and his dad’s identity, as the family prefers to keep a low profile.

Kane Lim on Instagram

If fans wanted a closer glimpse at Kane’s designer collection, then his Instagram is definitely the right place to be having a look.

His wrist is completely covered in Cartier jewellery!

Kane also enjoys boxing, hanging with his friends, and supports Miracles for Kids charity every Christmas.



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