Skin Decision is a brand new Netflix reality series, unlike any the streaming giant has produced to date. 

The show, which launched on Wednesday, July 15th, follows Dr Sheila Nazarian and Nurse Jamie. Both are experts in transforming skin; Sheila works surgically, Jamie works non-invasively.

In every episode, viewers are introduced to patients who are searching to transform their skin. Some are recovering from accidents or attacks, others are restoring their skin after serious damage.

Episode 7 introduces viewers to Kate, who was looking to boost her confidence after ending an abusive relationship. Kate’s story resonated with many viewers who were moved by her courage and optimism in the face of difficulty. But they feel even more in love Kate’s positivity when they found out how she’s seized her life by the reigns; she signed up to star in a Justin Bieber music video!

So, what music video did Kate from Skin Decision star in?

Screenshot: Skin Decision S1 E7 – Netflix

Kate on Skin Decision

Kate, 64, was entering Skin Decision with the ambition of boosting her confidence. Speaking in the seventh episode, Kate said:

My relationship with my body has been fairly troubled my whole life… I believed that I was worthless. I was ugly and I didn’t deserve to be treated well so I found somebody who filled in all those qualities I needed.

Kate found herself in an abusive relationship. She continued: “When we got married, a week later is when he hit me for the first time. He told me that if I ever filed for divorce he’d kill me. But I did it anyway. I took my last 40 bucks and filed for divorce.”

Kate has been bravely rebuilding her life ever since, but has wanted to finally feel confident in her skin. So, that’s where Dr Sheila and Nurse Jamie came in! Kate had a lower face lift, lower and upper eye lid surgery, and some surgical enhancement on her lips.

  • UPDATE: We found Katrina from Skin Decision episode 1 on Instagram
Screenshot: Skin Decision S1 E7 – Netflix

Kate’s Skin Decision journey

Kate ended the show on a positive note, deciding it was time to take risks. She said at the end of the episode: “This whole experience has taught me a lot of things. But the most important thing it’s taught me is to do the thing that scares you and to be willing to take risks because without risk there is no reward.”

It seems like she took this mantra to heart, as Kate’s newfound confidence led her to new try new things.

The episode concluded with the information:

Kate’s newfound confidence led her to audition for a Justin Bieber music video. She got the part.

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What Justin Bieber music video was Kate in?

Kate starred in Justin Bieber’s music video for “Yummy.” This was released in January 2020.

Although this has been unconfirmed by Kate, we found her in the corner of the shot, sitting at the table next to Justin Bieber himself.

Check out the image of Kate in Justin Bieber’s music video for “Yummy” below. She is on the lefthand side of the shot. You can see Kate in the music video multiple times, wearing a blue and red jacket. She also dons pearls and some pretty unmissable glasses. There are close up shots of Kate eating at the table with Justin Bieber. Not a bad role to secure as her first! We all want to bring some of Kate’s ‘can-do anything’ attitude with us this year.

Screenshot: Justin Bieber – Yummy (Official Video) – Justin Bieber YouTube



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