Over the years, reality shows about plastic surgery have focussed on the cosmetic, or some could say superficial sides of the procedure. Netflix’s new series Skin Decision is far from that.

Skin Decision launched to the streaming site on Wednesday, July 15th and immediately hooked viewers. In every episode, Dr Sheila Nazarian and Nurse Jamie transform the lives of individuals who have struggled with their skin. They deal with clients who were trauma patients – car crashes and violent attacks – or those who have struggled with severe conditions like cystic acne and psoriasis.

One of the most heartbreaking stories on Skin Decision is undeniably Katrina’s from episode 1.

Understandably, viewers want updates on Katrina to see how she is coping post-surgery. We found her on Instagram for updates!

Screenshot: Skin Decision S1 E1 – Netflix

Katrina shares her story

Katrina Goodwin had one of the most shocking stories to hear on Skin Decision. On March 23rd, 2017, she was shot by her ex-husband nine times. He tragically took the lives of their two daughters and then took his own life.

She explained to Jamie and Sheila:

I was shot in my face, I was shot on every limb of my body, except for my right leg. I came home from work just as I normally do, and my ex-husband had a gun in his hand. I heard a bang. And my husband walked upstairs, continued to shoot. He noticed me crawling toward the door and took his own life in front of me.

But it was the next revelation which really broke viewers’ hearts: “I’m remembering waking up in hospital. I found out that when my ex-husband stopped shooting me, he took the lives of our children. I didn’t find out my children were dead until four or five days after I woke up. I had to plan my children’s funeral from a hospital bed.”

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Katrina’s Skin Decision transformation

Katrina underwent a full-body surgical procedure to remove the bullet wounds, scars and the tattoo of her former husband.

Dr. Sheila gave Katrina a Fleur-De-Lis tummy tuck to hide the massive incision straight down her stomach. This also helped to give her a more hourglass figure and remove her stretch marks from her pregnancies. Sheila then surgically cut off and sutured the scars on her leg, side, and arms to hide the marks, and finally, they lasered off the name of her ex-husband that was tattooed on her arm.

Katrina was overwhelmed by the work. She said: “I don’t see [my ex-husband] anymore. I see me, I smile at me.”

Katrina continued: “I felt deformed before my surgery and now I feel human. I’ve been covering myself for so long and I don’t have to anymore.”

Screenshot: Skin Decision S1 E1 – Netflix

Where is Katrina now?

We found Katrina on Instagram to see how she’s doing following her Skin Decision appearance.

In an Instagram post from Sunday, July 19th, Katrina addressed her appearance on the Netflix show. Katrina wrote: “This picture was taken on the day that changed my life in the most positive way. This picture is a constant reminder to me that second chances are possible.”

Katrina then addressed Sheila, Jamie, and the Skin Decision team and added:

You Changed my life. Because of you I smile inside and out. You have been a blessing beyond words to me. God bless your beautiful heart, your kind spirit and kind words.

Katrina is still living in DC, Maryland from the looks of her Instagram. You can find her under the handle @empress.trina.



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