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Keep Sweet Pray and Obey's haunting opening song urges fans to 'Feel More'

Watched Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey on Netflix yet? If so, you would have heard the haunting ‘Feel More’ opening song which has garnered global attention from its viewers. From its lyrics to song artist, let’s dive in.

The docuseries examines the rise of Warren Jeffs in the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which follows the religion of Mormonism. But it is the series’ initial song that hits you right in the feels.

A four-part series, Michelle Gurevich’s song Feel More basically sets the eerie tone before it has even begun. So, let’s look at fan reactions to the intense soundtrack, explore the entire series’ playlist and delve into the song’s lyrics.

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Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Fans react to opening song

The haunting feel of the entire series is reflected in its soundtrack, and what better way to open it than using Feel More by singer Michelle Gurevich. Some were captivated by the song instantly, while others found it creepy.

A viewer wrote: “I’m watching #keepsweetprayandobey & despite ample footage, incredible witness testimony, it’s not well made? From the ‘theme song’ to the shot choices it feels off to me.

“Everything about it is compelling, but there’s so many weird choices.”

Another said: “Want to throw some props out to the title designers, photographers and music arrangement (the singing by Michelle Gurevich) for #keepsweetprayandobey.”

Several comments on the song’s YouTube video are from viewers of the docuseries. A fan said: “Had to find this song the second I heard it on a new Netflix doc. I’m astounded the singer is a woman, the tone of her voice is amazing.

Inside the ‘Feel More’ lyrics

Released in 2020, Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Gurevich blew Netflix viewers away with her opening track. It featured in her album Ecstasy in the Shadow of Ecstasy, with the opening lyrics:

I was born for the road / A guest in happy homes / Suffer six days alone / For a seventh day of passion.

She then often refers to “wanting to feel more” and how “desire doesn’t change”. Another line in the song lyrics involves: “Only after a storm can you feel the sun / Only after a storm can you feel warm.”

This suggests feeling happy after going through tough times, but is open for interpretation by Michelle’s fans. The lyrics link to the events of the documentary, such as FLDS leaders forcing underage girls into marriage.

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Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey soundtrack

The Netflix series has a long list of eerie songs, which are available to access on Spotify. Michelle’s track Feel More has the most listens on her 2020 album out of all its other tracks, at 383K plays. Download it here.

ABBA’s The Winner Takes It All is also played on the show after Ruby confesses she had a secret CD by the group, while other religious songs like Onward by Christian Soldiers play throughout. The show cast member said:

Every day after school, I hiked this hill to the very top, and walked over to where I was in front of Joe’s house and I sat there for hours listening to “naughty” music [ABBA] thinking about me and Joe.

A Reddit user reacted to the series, and said: “Highly recommended. The part that made me cry was in the ABBA song, how a natural and beautiful feeling like falling in love can be so traumatic because [of] an evil man.”



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