Netflix: Where is Kenan from We Are The Brooklyn Saints now? Post-show updates!

A new sports series following the lives of football hopefuls taking part in a children’s program, including Kenan, has been released on Netflix.

Having found talent with a ball from a young age, the reality of Brooklyn-based footballers in The Saints team are captured in the new reality series.

Kenan is amongst the players who navigate through the game, as well as their personal lives, and cameras capture his journey up until high school.

So where is Kenan now? What happened next for the Saints player?

Screenshot: Kenan (left), We Are The Brooklyn Saints, Episode 1 Season 1, Netflix

Who is Kenan?

Kenan Grant is a 13-year-old Brooklyn Saints player.

He plays for the 13U team, which involves kids aged from 12 to 13.

The football player became the leader and quarterback of the team, as one of three members who had played the sport before.

Kenan had played football for almost a decade – the series was filmed during his last youth season – and practised the sport from the age of four.

He fell in love with the game while watching his brothers play football, who follow the same passion as father Demel Grant, Brooklyn Saints’ president.

Where is Kenan from Brooklyn Saints now?

During the last episode of the Netflix series, we see Kenan pick a high school to attend. In 2020, he graduated from middle school!

With no plans to join the NFL, he revealed on the show that he plans to use football as a platform to reach his hopes of becoming an engineer.

He ended up choosing Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, as the class of 2024, and wants to take football as far as he can without going professional.

Kenan achieved the National Championship with the Riot Squad in the 14U division, and has travelled to places like Orlando and New Jersey to play.

He is a D1 athlete, the highest level of intercollegiate athletics overseen by the NCAA in the U.S.

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Meet Kenan on Instagram

Kenan, who is Jersey #5, is clearly determined to achieve his dreams.

His Instagram bio reads: “Aim for the stars, shoot for the moon”.

He was a fan of rapper Pop Smoke, as it also reads #rippopsmoke, as well as #mambamentality, a meaning introduced by NFL player Kobe Bryant.

As we would expect, Kenan regularly keeps his followers updated with his latest football games, and proudly shares his most recent achievements.



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