Kevin Krieder and Devon Diep spoke of their romantic history on Bling Empire season 3. Now that filming has wrapped, Netflix fans are eager to find out what is really going on in Kevin’s love life.

After two seasons of trying to win over Kim Lee, Kevin introduced his ex-girlfriend Devon to the series. The actress and singer dated Kevin seven years ago, but Christine Chiu had the idea of bringing them back together on the show.

It comes after Kevin confided in Christine about his lingering feelings for Devon. He said: “I think it was Devon the whole time, and I was just looking for Devon in other people. I just want to see her again.”

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Get to know Devon Diep

Devon, who grew up near Boston as the child of a refugee family from Vietnam, is an actress and singer. She has acted in projects such as 2021’s Snakehead and 2020’s Defending Jacob, as well as wrote and directed short film Air.

The new Bling Empire star also wrote the title track for Revenge of the Green Dragons, on which Martin Scorsese served as executive producer. Plus, Devon recently dropped a new single, War + Sunshine.

“It’s a romantic pop song I wrote about giving heartbreaks a second chance at love,” she wrote on Instagram in August. This appears to match the rekindled romance she had with Kevin in Bling Empire season 3!

Kevin and Devon’s relationship

Christine’s Cupid skills appear to have paid off. She reintroduced Devon back into Kevin’s life on Bling Empire season 3, seven years after the two decided to call time on their former relationship.

After their surprise rendezvous in Paris, Kevin and Devon met up in Los Angeles and officially decided to give their relationship another try. “We deserve a shot,” Devon said, while Kevin appeared to be tearing up.

“I missed you,” Kevin said. “And now I don’t have to miss you anymore.” Throughout the third series, Kevin and Devon rekindled their connection and appeared to be happily in love as a couple.

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He ‘found love’ on Bling Empire

On launch day, Devon wrote in the comments section on one of Kevin’s Instagram posts, which showed pictures of Bling Empire season 3, with the question: “Did you find love?”

Kevin responded to her with: “I believe so ❤️.” Considering Devon is the only girl he dates during the third season, it’s a massive hint that Kevin and Devon have continued to keep things official post-filming.

They ended Bling Empire as a couple, and recently attended several events together, including the Creative Arts Emmys and a screening for Netflix’s Partner Track.



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