Kevin Njie’s Instagram is Too Hot To Handle as he flaunts his model looks, and you won’t be disappointed – he is just as topless on social media as he is on the Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle Germany.

The German version of the show sees 12 singletons enter the villa, and Kevin Njie was one of the most popular names since the show got released. In fact, he became notorious for the number of rules he broke with his partner Emely, over the course of the Netflix show.

Fans are desperate to keep tabs on Kevin whilst the show plays out so, let’s take a look at his Instagram.

Who is Kevin Njie?

Kevin was born on April 18, 1996, in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

The 26-year-old is a professional footballer and a model who is currently living in Flensburg. He is
1,84 m, which means he is 6 feet tall, that’s right, he’s certainly model material.

The footballer is a defender and usually plays left-back, he is currently signed to SC Weiche Flensburg 08 and his contract runs out in 2024. His team is a German association football club from the Weiche suburb of Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Kevin’s agent is CliffEleven.

Kevin shared on Too Hot To Handle Germany that: “Every time I shoot, I score!” Will he strike a relationship with a Too Hot To Handle co-star and score the woman of his dreams? Find out below.

Kevin Njiee enters Too Hot To Handle

Now Perfect Match is over, fans are switching over to Too Hot To Handle. Njie is one of the 12 singles entering the Too Hot To Handle Germany villa. However, it is not all fun and games as virtual assistant Lana enlists some strict rules, banning all intimacy.


If contestants can manage to keep their hands to themselves then they have the chance to win the €200,000 prize money. This is around the same prize money as other Netflix shows such as Physical 100. Aside from the fact contestants on that show take part in grueling competitions. Whereas To Hot To Handle stars just have to resist a kiss.

Although it appears to be harder than it looks. In the finale, Emely Kopf and Kevin Njie were the winners and took home €86,000. That’s right they ended up losing €104,000 of the €200,000. Thankfully, they earned back €60,000 towards the end of the season.

It’s nice to know that it was all worth it though, as the duo is currently still in a relationship with each other.

Kevin Njie’s Instagram is Too Hot To Handle

With over 23,200 followers on the platform, fans across the globe love to keep updated with Kevin Nije’s life through pictures. He often shares shots of himself on fashion shoots with the occasional selfie thrown into the mix.

Some of his model work has been for big brands including; Defshop, G-Shock Snipes, and Nike.


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