Kim Chun-ri is a bodybuilder taking part in Netflix’s Physical 100, in a bid to win 300 million won. Along with 100 other contestants, she will take part in a series of brutal games until only one is left standing.

The bodybuilder made an impact when she entered with her ‘sculpture-like physique’ and her bubbly personality also made her stand out from the crowd.

We take a closer look at the Physical 100 contestant and her Instagram, where she’s given fans a sneak peek of what’s to come in the season.

Kim Chun-ri on Physical 100

Kim Chun-ri was the second female to enter the show and revealed that she’s been a bodybuilder for 17 years.

She said she thought it’d be a waste to not enter the competition with her physique, so decided to participate.

Her fellow contestants were impressed with her body, with one even describing it as a ‘sculpture.’

Aside from her impressive physical skills, it seems like Kim Chun-ri has already brought entertainment to the show, challenging contestant Florian to a press-up contest as soon as she entered.

She also danced alongside cheerleader Jo Yeon-joo so we’re sure she’s set to become a fan, and contestant favorite!

The Physical 100 bodybuilder is used to winning

Kim has an impressive physique, and her Physical 100 sculpt states she weighs 77kg.

As per her Instagram bio, Kim Chun-ri has won both the PCA Europa bodybuilding Championship and is the PCA Asia/World Champion.

It means the bodybuilder is no stranger to winning a title, and we’re sure she’s going to do all it takes to bring home that 300 million won.

Kim Chun-ri on Instagram

Kim Chun-ri can be found on Instagram At the time of writing, she has an impressive 92k followers.

On the star’s Instagram, she gave us a sneak peek into episodes 3 and 4 of Physical 100, where she takes part in a one-on-one death match.

Fans rushed to the comments to share their excitement for the episode. One penned: “I can’t wait to see this episode!!!”

We guess we’ll have to wait and see whether Kim Chun-ri progresses to the next round.



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