Kim Jin-Young of Singles Inferno season 2 is a YouTuber who was previously in the military. He’s also been on several other reality TV shows before, but fans are focused on trying to find his YouTube channel.

The well-known South Korean YouTuber and streamer was instantly recognised by fans after he walked onto the Singles Inferno beach, where flirty singles search for love on a deserted island that they can only escape as couples.

Kim Jin-Young is one of the contestants, but it’s not the first time he’s had a slice of fame. He often shares videos on YouTube, where he is recognised as a popular streamer who focuses on gaming… We can reveal all on his channel.

Singles Inferno fans want Jin’s YouTube

Since Jin-Young mentioned his YouTube channel on Singles Inferno, viewers have been eager to watch his videos but have been unable to find them – until now! Many even asked each other what his gaming channel @ is.

One fan wrote underneath a Koreaboo YouTube video: “Can I get his youtube channel?” Others commented underneath with a similar desire, writing, “FR [For real], what is it?” and, “I want to know too.”

Kim Jin-Young’s YouTube channel

Kim Jin-Young can be found on YouTube at dex 101 (@dex101). He has at least 78.5K subscribers at the time of writing. Even a fan YouTube account – dex archive (@dexarchive5377) has been created, which includes his gaming clips.

He’s been sharing videos since 2020, with his most viewed video – reviewing Bloody Game episode 3 with Jung Geun-woo, Queen Wasabi and Park Ji-min – garnering 234K views after posting it a year ago.

The 27-year-old usually gets around 20K to 40K views on each video, but sometimes a lot more! He even shares insights into his training at the gym, and even uploads vlogs on his daily lifestyle.

Military and reality TV shows

Kim isn’t just a YouTube streamer but also a former ROKN UDT/SEAL in the military. He’s also part of the media and broadcasting company kthd studio, and appeared on survival show Bloody Game in 2021.

During the same year, Kim starred in Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2 which came out in cinemas. But the main show that fans recognise the Singles Inferno star is Love & Joy, which is another dating reality show.

He also featured in Queen WA$ABII’s Night Time Love music video, after he was in the Korean UDT military team for four years, and was an instructor on the show Fake Men, where people challenge the navy seal/UDT training course.



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