Meet the Kretz family from Netflix's The Parisian Agency: Net worth explored

If you are a fan of Selling Sunset or Million Dollar Listing, then you’re going to seriously love Netflix’s new offering. On Wednesday, June 23rd, The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties is released to Netflix.

The property series follows the Kretz family, as they helps high-end clients buy and sell luxury homes, both in France and abroad.

So, with the release of The Parisian Agency this June, let’s get to know the starring family better.

Screenshot: The Parisian Agency S1 E1 – Netflix

Meet the Kretz family from Netflix’s The Parisian Agency

  • Olivier Kretz
  • Sandrine Kretz
  • Louis Kretz
  • Valentin Kretz
  • Martin Kretz
  • Raphel Kretz

All of the Kretz’s work for the family business, selling luxury properties for Kretz and Partners.

Kretz and Partners was founded by the head of the family, Olivier. Olivier’s bio on the Kretz and Partners website says, “Olivier is a graduate of ESC Rouen Business School and has held over 20 different sales and marketing manager positions in companies including Procter and Gamble, Pernod Ricard and AC Nielsen.

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What is the Kretz family’s net worth?

  • Over $20 million

Given that the family deals in luxury properties, you might assume that they’d have a significant net worth. And that assumption would be correct in this instance!

Olivier Kretz is reported to have a net worth of $20 million. As CEO of the family’s company, it is unsurprising that Olivier would have the highest net worth. The net worth of the other family members is not known, however their combined net worth would be well over the $20 million figure.

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Follow the Kretz family on Instagram

While the family have a business Instagram account, where they share the latest news and properties from Kretz and Partners, you can also follow their personal Instagram accounts.

Check out the full family here…



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