What is Last Chance U: Basketball? Netflix announces spin-off for 2021

Last Chance U has been one of Netflix’s most popular docuseries since it was created back in 2016. Over the past four years, viewers have followed the complicated lives of some of America’s top junior college football players on their paths to greatness.

Fans have been patiently awaiting the new season, since it was announced back in August 2019 that it would return. News finally broke that Last Chance U season 5 – this time heading to Laney College in California – would air on July 28th, 2020, it also arrived with some sad news: this would be the last season of Last Chance U.

This may have come as a blow for American football fans, but the announcement was also followed by one stating they’d be creating a spin-off series.

So, what is Last Chance U: Basketball? What can we expect from the new Netflix sports series?

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What is Last Chance U: Basketball?

On Tuesday, June 23rd, Last Chance U’s Instagram account released a trailer for the fifth season. Here they captioned: “While it’s the last football season, a new chapter begins with Last Chance U: Basketball, coming 2021.”

This news came as quite a surprise to fans, with many in the comments criticising the shift from football to basketball.


We can safely assume that Last Chance U: Basketball will follow the same format as the football series, focussing on a JUCO and players in need of help. For many sports documentary fans, this may sound similar to Netflix’s 2019 project, Basketball or Nothing. Unlike Basketball or Nothing, Last Chance U: Basketball will be looking at players at a much higher level, as that series focussed on high school students.

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Last Chance U: Basketball 2021 team

When it came to the American football series, viewers had to wait to find out which team the show would film with. This is not the case for Last Chance U: Basketball.

There have already been reports confirming the team for the 2021 series.

It has been reported that the new spin-off will focus on the East Los Angeles Community College basketball team during their 2019-2020 season. There has not been a statement released by the college on any social media confirming this. But we did find that the Last Chance U alum Twitter account released the news about the East Los Angeles Huskies would be the first basketball team back in December 2019.

Reactions to Last Chance U: Basketball

Although many welcomed the change, some are disappointed with the shift to basketball.

One fan tweeted: “I love the inclusion of basketball, but a permanent switch?” Another added: “Wish they would do both”

Another American football fan noted “Guess season 5 will be my last watching then”

Here’s hoping the switch to basketball will be worth it in the end!





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