Since Last Chance U season 5 launched on Tuesday, July 28th, millions of fans around the world have fallen in love with Coach John Beam.

Last Chance U fans have declared him the best Head Coach we have followed since the show launched in 2016.

As always, the Netflix docuseries does not just focus on the coaches’ talents on the fields, or the players they help, but it also takes a look at their personal lives. This cannot go without focussing on their family members, who are often directly involved with the football teams. None of the family members are as involved as Coach Beam’s wife Cindi Rivera-Beam, who is a therapist.

So, who is Cindi? We’ve done some digging to find out more about her and her relationship with the Last Chance U star coach.

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Who is Cindi Rivera-Beam?

Cindi is a therapist who we are introduced to on Last Chance U, as she is married to Coach John Beam. The couple married in 1981.

After graduating from San Francisco State University in 1987, Cindi started to practice therapy privately. She works with young people, adults, couples and particularly has a focus on helping people of color with their mental health. You can read more about Cindi’s practice on her website.

Cindi and John have two daughters called Sonjha and Monica. Cindi is also bilingual.

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Cindi and John on Last Chance U

Cindi and John’s relationship was at the heart of Last Chance U episode 5. In this episode, John explained:

We got married at such a young age and we kind of just grew into each other. We went through life’s struggles together.

Cindi explained: “We met when I was a sophomore in college at UC San Diego.”

She continued: “I left San Diego because it was too white and too privileged and too blonde, beachy. I didn’t feel like I fit in, so I’d already made the decision to transfer before I met John. He followed me.” The couple moved to Oakland, and have remained there ever since.

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Cindi’s therapy work with the Eagles

The fifth season of Last Chance U has taken a greater focus on the mental health of the football players. This is where Cindi’s work as a therapist becomes invaluable to the team.

Wide receiver and QB Dior Walker-Scott suffered from an anxiety attack on the pitch and Cindi was roped in to help. Dior was having an anxiety attack after his abusive father and relatives put pressure on him to rebuild a relationship with his now-estranged father.



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