Coach John Beam is an iconic in California’s football scene, having produced over 20 NFL players and getting over 100 into D1 schools.

John’s appearance as the head coach on Last Chance U season 5 has elevated his platform, with the world now knowing John Beam’s name.

But this has raised many questions about the coach and his background, notably where John originally comes from. Given that John Beam was inducted into the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame, fans have questions about his ethnicity.

So, what ethnicity is John Beam? Is he Korean?

Screenshot: John Beam in Last Chance U S5 E2 – Netflix

Meet Coach Beam

John was born on January 11th, 1959 in San Diego County, California. This makes him currently 61 years old.

John started his coaching career back in 1979 at Serra High School in San Diego. In 1982, he moved to Skyline High School in Oakland, where he cemented his status as a top football coach. During his time as Head Coach at Skyline he had 15 league championships, 11 section championships, 4 undefeated seasons, and went undefeated in league play in the 90s.

In 2004, John started coaching at Laney College in the JUCO league. He was promoted to Head Coach in 2012.

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Who were John Beam’s parents?

John’s father was Ed Beam, a Navy veteran. He was married to Betty, John’s mother. The couple met while Ed was on tour in Korea, married and had two children: John and a daughter named Sue.

John touched on the loss of his father in episode 3, when speaking to Dior Walker-Scott about complicated parental relations.

Betty passed away in 1985, when John was in his twenties, then Ed married another woman called Mary Lou. Ed Beam passed away in 2006.

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Is John Beam Korean?

Yes. John is of Korean ethnicity. He is half Korean, as his mother was Korean.

In Last Chance U season 5 episode 5, John Beam’s wife Cindi discusses why they moved from San Diego, talking about how the community was “too white.”

One viewer tweeted: “I would not believe he [John Beam] if they didn’t show him in his younger days”



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