Netflix has a brand new sports documentary for viewers to enjoy, as Last Chance U: Basketball arrives on our screens.

The series, which now focusses on basketball rather than its usual American football, was released to Netflix on March 10th, 2021.

One of the rising basketball stars featured on the show is KJ Allen. We’ve done some digging to find out more about him on Instagram.

*spoiler alert* If you have yet to see all of Last Chance U, details of KJ Allen’s time on the show and where he ends up will be revealed.

Screenshot: KJ Allen in Last Chance U: Basketball S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is KJ Allen?

Kaelen “KJ” Allen is a basketball player from Monterey Park, California. He is a Small Forward.

As we learn in Last Chance U, KJ first picked up a basketball aged 3. His father, Damieon Allen, used to play, so it’s no surprise that the sport came naturally to him. KJ’s mother is called Tajuana Mallard and the couple had KJ at a young age.

After graduating from Westchester High School, KJ Allen was named Los Angeles High School Player of the Year. Although he was talented on the court, KJ’s grades were letting him down. He had a GPA of 2.2, which is what brought him to East Los Angeles College (ELAC).

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KJ on Last Chance U: Basketball

This brand new season of Last Chance U is focussing on the basketball team at East Los Angeles College.

As we’ve seen with previous seasons, the athletes who attend these junior colleges could be at D1 schools, but something has stood in their way. Be it failing classes or infractions with the law, all manner of complications have arisen on Last Chance U.

For KJ Allen, his grades were preventing him from attending the top basketball colleges. The two years he spent at ELAC helped him succeed academically and gained him the attention of top schools.

After receiving several offers, KJ decided to play for the University of Southern California (USC) in November 2020. He will join the team’s 2021-2022 roster.

KJ Allen on Instagram

If you were a fan of KJ Allen’s on Last Chance U and want to keep up to date with his basketball journey, you can follow him on Instagram.

As of publication date, KJ has just under 1,000 followers.

You can check him out @kj.allen32.



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