Meet Kenny "KJ" Gardner from Last Chance U: Where is the quarterback now?

Last Chance U fans have been patiently waiting for the release of a new season, and finally the moment has come. Last Chance U season 5 was released to Netflix on Tuesday, July 28th. 

The show, which was created by Greg Whiteley of Cheer, started back in 2016 looking at the East Mississippi Community College Lions. Then, come season 3, the show moved to Kansas to focus on the Independence Community College Pirates. Now, for the fifth and final season, Last Chance U is hitting the West Coast to check out the Laney Eagles.

Laney College is based in Oakland, California, and is one of the top junior college football programmes in the country. This season will focus on the Laney Eagles as they are coming off the back of a state championship win.

As always, we get to know the players and hear more about their lives off the field. One of the players who viewers have taken a shine to is Kenny, or “KJ” as he is known by his teammates. Find out everything you need to know about Kenny from Last Chance U season 5 here.

Screenshot: KJ Gardner in Last Chance U S5 E1 – Netflix

Who is Kenny from Last Chance U?

Kenny “KJ” Gardner Jr. is one of the Laney Eagles’ quarterbacks who has the #12 shirt. In episode 1, Coach John Beam claimed that “KJ is a wildcard” on the team.

Kenny played QB at Clayton Valley Charter High School and graduated in 2017. He then joined Laney College in 2018 and remains there.


Standing at 5’11” and weighing 190 lbs, Kenny is built like the perfect football player. Laney’s quarterbacks coach Robert Crowley said of KJ in the first episode: “He’s probably the most versatile with his ability to run and throw, make guys miss.”

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Kenny’s football journey on Last Chance U

In episode 2, the Eagles’ starting quarterback Ryan Mackey exacerbated a preexisting arm injury and also tore his ACL. This meant that a QB spot needed to be filled. There was just Kenny and Carson who were the teams back up quarterbacks.

Kenny was the 3rd string quarterback on the team, who was immediately roped in to replace Ryan.

Coach Beam said of his replacement: “Kenny will be fine. Kenny will actually help us in certain ways get to where we want to be with some of the stuff we want to do offensively. You got to coach him up though, you’ve got to stay on him.”

Does Kenny have Instagram?

We found Kenny on Instagram to see what he’s up to now. You can find Kenny under the handle @kj_gardner8

Kenny’s Instagram bio features a Mexican flag, so we can assume Kenny is of Mexican heritage. It also features the hashtag “#TeamJesus,” so it’s clear that Kenny is religious.

You can also follow Kenny on Twitter @kjgardner8

From the looks of Kenny’s Instagram, he hasn’t been playing football over the past year. He also doesn’t mention a new team anywhere on Twitter. So, it might be that Kenny has stopped playing football.




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