Where is RJ Stern from Last Chance U now? Instagram updates!

Last Chance U has headed to the West Coast for its fifth and final season, this time turning its attention to the Laney Eagles.

Since the Netflix docuseries started in 2016, it has followed the East Mississippi Community College Lions and the Independence Community College Pirates. These are two of the top football programmes at junior colleges in America. For the fifth season, the decision to go with Laney was a no-brainer. Laney was coming off the back of a win at the 2018 state championships and had the legendary Coach Beam presiding over the team.

One of the featured players in Last Chance U season 5 is RJ Stern. So, with RJ now front and centre stage, we thought it best to find out more about the wide receiver. Find out about RJ’s football journey here, plus more on where he is now. This calls for a *spoiler alert* as we will be looking into what happened after the cameras stopped rolling!

Screenshot: RJ Stern in Last Chance U S5 E1 – Netflix

Who is RJ?

When we meet Robert “RJ” Stern in Last Chance U, he is the Laney Eagles’ wide receiver.

RJ’s talent and creativity on the field was clear, as was his dedication to the game, however RJ struggled to connect his talent to the execution.

Coach John Beam said of RJ: “The biggest thing with RJ is being teachable, being coachable. He doesn’t understand what he’s doing is not correct. His body has this built-in muscle memory that won’t change right now.”


Wide receivers coach Adam Robinson said: “He makes so many plays, even when he f***s up. He’s got so many different ideas of what to do.”

  • UPDATE: Where is Rejzohn Wright from Last Chance U now?

RJ Stern on missing out the state championships

Last Chance U season 5 was filmed during the 2019 football season. This was the season following Laney Eagles’ win at the 2018 state championships.

RJ unfortunately had to be redshirted for the season after suffering an injury. In episode 1, RJ explained that he sprained his neck and had a concussion. While being check out by the doctors, they realised he had a sports hernia, which had caused his abdomen to rip away from his pelvic bone. Coach Beam had to have RJ sit out to recover, which is why he returned for the 2019 season. Luckily, RJ made a full recovery.

RJ emotionally explained:

They had to talk me into taking the ring because I felt like I wasn’t a part of that state championship.

Screenshot: RJ Stern in Last Chance U S5 E1 – Netflix

Where is RJ Stern now?

RJ wanted to go to a Division 1 college to play football, but unfortunately didn’t receive any offers. He did, however receive offers from Adams State and Southwestern Oklahoma State, before Tusculum University took interest. Tusculum is a Division 2 college in Greenville, Tennessee.

RJ enrolled at Tusculum on a scholarship and will play for the TC Tusculum Pioneers as a wide receiver until he graduates in 2022.

We found RJ on Instagram, so you can follow him for his latest news. Check RJ out on Instagram @flvsh.gordon. He has just over 1,400 followers as of publication date.




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