Last Chance U season 5: Release date and college confirmed for 2020 series

Since Last Chance U first came to Netflix back in 2016, it has grown into one of the streaming site’s biggest and best docs-series. It has been one of their major successes, not just in terms of viewing figures but also critical acclaim, having most recently won Best Sports Docu-series at the 2020 Realscreen Awards.

Last Chance U has everything necessary for a perfect docu-series drama; from the emotional story arcs of the players to the explosive events of the footballing world.

When season 4 ended on a rather shocking note as head coach of the Independence Pirates, Jason Brown was sacked for sending derogatory texts to a student, some feared that the next series would not be made.

But Last Chance U is definitely returning for season 5 this summer, as Netflix has confirmed the new season’s release date.

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Season 5 confirmed on Twitter

Netflix kept pretty tight-lipped on whether they were renewing Last Chance U for another season, but the show’s Twitter account could not wait to share the news.

On August 9th, 2019, they took to Twitter to announce that the show would return for season 5 in 2020.


Given the show’s popularity, it’s no surprise that they decided to renew it. It’s one of Netflix’s most success docu-series to date!

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Last Chance U season 5: Release date

  • Tuesday, July 28th 2020

Every year a new season of Last Chance U has aired in July, so this release date comes as no surprise. But what was a surprise for fans is that Netflix has announced this is the last season they will make of Last Chance U: Football. Instead, they are shifting away from American Football and creating a spin-off, Last Chance U: Basketball. This will air in 2021.

All episodes of Last Chance U season 5 will be released to Netflix on July 28th, 2020.

Laney College in California

As is the way with Last Chance U, after two seasons at a college they move on to a new school. The first two seasons were at East Mississipi Community College. Seasons 3 and 4 were at Independence Community College in Kansas.

The oncoming fifth season will head over to the West Coast!

Laney College in Oakland, California has been confirmed for the 2020 season. Laney College don’t compete in the same JUCO League as EMCC and ICC, instead they play in the California Community College Athletic Association.

They are coming off the back of winning their first-ever football championship, meaning they are the top JUCO team in California.

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