Last Chance U: Where are they now in 2020? Updates on the Netflix football stars

When Last Chance U launched to Netflix in July 2016, no one could’ve predicted what a hit it would’ve gone on to be. Well, maybe Greg Whitely did, as he’s gone on to create hit after hit in the world of sports docuseries.

The series focusses on JUCO American football teams; interim collages for students that have either been kicked out of, or not made it to the top football colleges.

While talent on the field is a given, Last Chance U was praised less for documenting the players’ exceptional football skills but more for how it handled their troubled backstories. If you think you can get through a series without tearing up, think again.

With such a large fanbase and no season 5 yet in sight, many Last Chance U viewers have been wanting to catch up with the show’s previous seasons. So, where are the Last Chance U stars in 2020?

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Last Chance U: Where are they now in 2020?

John Franklin III

First up, let’s take a look at John Franklin III, the quarterback from season 1.

After struggling as a freshman at Florida State, Franklin headed to EMCC to have a shot at more gameplay. As he was selected as QB in an unexpected starting role, Franklin showed off his skills and landed a scholarship at Auburn.

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Franklin wasn’t selected in the NFL draft, but he still signed a contract with the Chicago Bears an undrafted free agent in 2018. On November 13, 2019, Franklin was signed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice squad. Then he was promoted to the active roster on December 24, 2019 where he was listed as wide receiver.

Ronald Ollie

Defensive linebacker Ronald Ollie was one of the stars of season 1, as viewers fell in love with his undeniable warm charm and humour.

Ollie accepted an offer from Nicholls State and things were looking positive when he accepted the opportunity to go to the Oakland Raiders’ rookie camp. Things didn’t go well for Ronald with the Oakland Raiders, as we saw on Hard Knocks, but he has signed with a Canadian team.

Ronald Ollie is currently with the Toronto Argonauts. He made his announcement in January 2020.

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Isaiah Wright

Running back Isaiah Wright from season 2 had a rather dramatic end to his JUCO career as he spent 11 months incarcerated. Wright was charged with criminal homicide for the stabbing and death of 18-year-old Caleb Thomas Radford.

Currently. Wright is rostered in the IAFL – a semi pro league – as a running back for the Alcoa Alloys.

Has anyone from Last Chance U gone to the NFL?


Dakota Allen, 24, was the first Last Chance U star to be drafted into the NFL. He was one of the strongest linebackers on the show, starring in season 2.

Allen, out of Texas Tech, spent the 2016 season at East Mississippi Community College. He then returned to Texas after burglary charges against him were dropped.

In 2019, Dakota Allen was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams. He was then signed by the Oakland Raiders in August 2019 after cuts were made to the Rams team. It was with the Raiders that Allen made his NFL debut, playing the Bears in October 2019.

In December of that year, Allen was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars where he still remains.

Last Chance U updates on more players

Defensive back CJ Reavis, who went from Virginia Tech to EMCC to Marshall, signed with the Jaguars in 2018.

For season 1 star DJ Law, it looked like football might be off the cards entirely. However, this has all changed. In November 2019, Law signed with indoor football team Amarillo Venom.

After his time with the ICC Pirates in season 3, Kerry Buckmaster decided to quit the game. He is no longer playing football according to his Twitter.




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