Last Chance U returned a second time to Independence Community College (ICC) bringing back some old faces and introducing viewers to some new. The fourth season of the hit American football docu-series dropped to Netflix last year on Friday, July 18th.

This past season, the Independence Pirates saw one of their strongest teams in years and had a real shot at taking the National Championshipwith Jay Jones, Jermaine Johnson and Markiese King leading the team as some of the best Junior players in the country.

But after an up-and-down season for Markiese and an incredibly devastating ending for him on the show, fans of his want to know how he is doing now.

We’ve got all the information on where Markiese King is now and how he is getting on.

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Who is Markiese King?

Markiese King was one of Independence Community College’s (ICC) top football players. He was the team’s wide receiver.

When we are introduced to him in the first episode of season 4, former coach Jason Brown described him as “set to explode” that season as he is “faster and quicker than everybody”.

Raised in Dallas, Texas, Markiese spoke candidly on the show about his struggles growing up there. Particularly about how he became involved with gangs, gun crime and had lost friends along the way.

He quickly won support from the fans because of his resilience. More than any other team member, Markiese struggled on the show. He had three concussions in the year, broke a bone in his ankle and his finger, and all the while he still continued to play.

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Markiese King on Last Chance U

Markiese had one of the toughest journeys on Last Chance U.

After initially receiving several offers for D1 colleges, Markiese did not finish the season with any place secured. This was because coach Brown kicked him off the Pirates team, with just one game left in the season.

Markiese was suspended as Brown caught him smoking marijuana. But notorious Brown went further than just suspending him, as Markiese revealed to the cameras:

The head coach at Lamar said that Coach Brown was talking down on me. Supposedly he was saying some bad sh*t.

Where is Markiese King now?

Although Markiese King’s plans to go to Lamar University were interrupted by Coach Brown at the end of season 4, things seemed to get back on track for him.

According to his Twitter, on National Signing Day in February 2019, he finally joined the football programme at Lamar.

But things went awry again for Markiese as he withdrew from the Independence Community College in spring 2019, making him ineligible for D1 football and Lamar’s programme. At the end of the show, they explained that he withdrew “due to his mother’s health”. Some reports have said Markiese’s mother tragically passed away.


However, things look on the up for him judging by the looks of his Instagram, as he has been posting snaps of him playing for the Pirates and looking as strong as ever! You can join his following of over 20,000 on Insta @kmizzle.e.

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Markiese becomes a father

If the football news wasn’t exciting enough, in March 2020, Markiese became a father.

His Instagram feed has been dominated by baby pictures of his son, who he repeatedly calls the “love of my life.”

Congrats Markiese!

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