Where is Malik from Last Chance U: Basketball now? Instagram updates

Last Chance U is back on Netflix for a new season. This time they are taking on the world of basketball.

All eight episodes of Last Chance U: Basketball dropped to Netflix on March 10th, 2021. This season will focus on the players at East Los Angeles College (ELAC).

One of the featured players in the documentary is Malik Muhammad. Find out what happens to Malik here.

Malik Muhammad (Center) in Last Chance U: Basketball. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

Who is Malik Muhammad?

In Last Chance U: Basketball, we are introduced to Malik Muhammad, a Center player for ELAC.

He is originally from San Pedro, California.

In the first episode, Malik is described as “Big Malik,” down to his height. Malik Muhammad is 6ft 9.

Malik on Last Chance U: Basketball

In the first episode of Last Chance U: Basketball, we learn of some of Malik’s troubles on the court with Coach John.

Nailed It: Double Trouble! | Official Trailer | Netflix

Malik says to camera: “I know his intentions mean well but it’ll still get to you because of how intense he is.”

Besides the tension with John Mosley, Malik also struggled at school. In the first episode, we see him with the coach’s assistant Ruby Gaeta doing his school work. Malik then says to camera: “My number 1 worst enemy is procrastination. I will wait until literally the last minute to do the simplest assignment.”

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Where is Malik now?

Malik Muhammad accepted an offer from Central Michigan. He has been playing guard there since December 2020.

We found Malik on Instagram to see what he’s up to in 2021.

As of publication date, Malik has just over 800 Instagram followers. We’re sure this will change after his appearance on the hit Netflix show.

You can follow Malik on Instagram @leek_muhammad25.



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