Netflix’s alternative cookery competition, Cooked with Cannabis, launched the streaming site on April 20th (of course, 4/20). Already it has gained a tonne of fans thanks to the creative chefs competing, the panel of comedic judges, and the two star presenters.

The pair leading the show are singer-turned-chef Kelis and Portland’s weed connoisseur Leather Storrs.

Although fans of the show have been curious about Leather Storrs and his culinary background, they also have been trying to figure out if Leather is his real name. So is Leather Storrs really called “Leather Storrs”?

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Get to know Leather

Leather Storrs is a 48-year-old chef and cannabis expert from Portland, Oregon where he now lives and works.

Leather gained a majority of his early cooking experience in kitchens across northern California, but it was when he moved back to Portland in 1999 that he really found his feet as a chef.

When Leather returned to Portland, he began to work for now famed restaurant and wine bar Noble Rot. While working there, Leather earned Noble Rot the title of Restaurant of the Year from Willamette Week in 2004. It was in 2014 that Leather’s culinary path took a turn, as after Oregon legalised weed, he began to incorporate it into his cooking.

Leather has two kids: 15-year-old Rye and 13-year-old Charlotte.

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Is Leather Storrs his real name?

Yes! From what we could find, it appears that Leather Storrs is actually his real name, despite what some viewers may believe – one viewer tweeted in disbelief: “Wait. His name is LEATHER…….”

All of Leather’s children take Storrs as their last name, so that is confirmed to be real. There is also no evidence anywhere to suggest Leather has gone by a different name. All of his TV credits and references to his culinary work have referred to him as “Leather.”

He’s from Portland, it makes sense.

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Follow Leather on Instagram

To find out more about Leather Storrs, you can follow him on Instagram where already he has over 3,000 followers. Find him under the handle @leatherstorrs.

In Leather’s bio, it reads: “Kids, hemp, food and stuff”

That seems to make up the majority of his feed, as not only does he post looks of mouth-watering pictures of his cannabis cookery, but he posts tonnes with Charlotte and Rye. The Storrs are clearly a close bunch!

Screenshot: Cooked with Cannabis S1 E1 – Netflix



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