Singles Inferno 2 dropped its final two episodes on January 10, 2023. The participants had to decide who it was that they wanted to leave Inferno with, most of them left as couples but some left single. Let’s take a look at whether Lee So-e and Kim Se-jun are still together.

Following the success of Singles Inferno 1, the South Korean dating show returned for a second installment in 2022 and fans have been hooked since December 13.

From love triangles to romantic moments in Paradise, tense games of tug of war and new arrivals shaking things up, the Netflix show’s second series was full of ups and downs.

lee so e and kim se jun stand together on the beach
Screenshot from Singles Inferno 2 – Netflix

Meet Lee So-e and Kim Se-jun

Lee So-e and Kim Se-jun had two quite different Singles Inferno experiences.

She was an original cast member on the show and introduced herself during episode 1.

Lee So-e said that she has a: “calm personality,” and “loves dancing.” She added that she was looking for a “generous and stable” man. Lee So-e said that she liked: “tall guys” and was looking for someone to “feel safe” with.

In episode 6, the Singles Inferno group welcomed some newcomers to the island including Kim Se-jun.

He strode onto the island with his good looks and great dress sense.

Kim Se-jun said that his “kindness” is what makes him attractive to women as well as his ability to be “sneakily cute.”

Did Lee So-e and Kim Se-jun leave together?

Yes! When it came to episode 10, Lee So-e and Kim Se-jun had one of the most straightforward exits from the show.

The men all had to go and stand on the island next to their chosen woman. While some women ended up having to break some hearts by choosing from three men, Kim Se-jun was the only man to stand with Lee So-e.

They clearly had a mutual connection with one another. Both wearing matching white outfits, they left the beach and walked away hand-in-hand.

Lee So-e and Kim Se-jun are still together now

Since episodes 9 and 10 dropped on Netflix, fans have been eager to find out which of the Singles Inferno couples are still together today.

The cast wasn’t giving away much via their Instagram pages but on January 12, Kim Se-jun shared a snap of him and Lee So-e together.

Se Jun puts his arm around So-e in one of the photos and the two appear to be all smiles following the show.



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