Dubai Bling is a brand-new Netflix series in 2022. All eight episodes of the reality show dropped on October 27 and viewers were introduced to an extremely wealthy cast. However, it’s not all glam, as Loujain Adada recently opened up over her parents and reconnecting with her mom.

Whether they were born into their riches or they’re self-made millionaires, the cast of Dubai Bling are all showing off their wealth with designer labels, fast cars, and extremely glamorous events on the show.

The cast is made up of social media stars such as Farhana Bodi and Safa Siddiqui, real estate CEO Zeina Khoury, radio DJ Kris Fade, and socialites like Loujain Adada AKA LJ.

So, let’s find out more about the Dubai Bling star, including what Loujain Adada has said about her parents.

Loujain Adada’s parents

LJ poses on the red carpet at Dubai Bling's Netflix launch wearing a gold dress and red lipstick
Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Netflix

Per Ccercle in 2019, LJ was born in California to Lebanese parents. She writes that she spent some of her childhood in California before her family moved back to Lebanon.

She adds: “My early years of schooling began in The States then continued in Beirut.”

LJ said on the Netflix series, her mother lives in the USA, but she doesn’t know which state.

She added that he father lives in Egypt and that her parents got divorced when she was young. LJ says she is fully focused on being an “inspirational mother” to her two daughters.

LJ also wrote on Ccercle: “I learnt the hard way through my personal life experience that the best way to handle your priorities is not by relying on anyone but yourself and not to expect anything too much or you might end up with disappointments.”

Loujain’s mom left when she was two

During Dubai Bling episode 4, LJ attends a yoga class with Lojain Omran.

LJ talks about not wanting to open up in relationships, and Lojain suggests it has something to do with her mother leaving her at a young age. The star admitted she “needs to solve those issues first”.

Lojain adds she’d “love” to help LJ reconnect with her mother, and says to her on the show: “Life is too short”.

She attempts contact via Instagram

During the ladies’ yoga class, Lojain explains that she doesn’t want LJ to live with regrets.

LJ, in tears, explains her late husband, Walid Juffali, was the “only one” who tried to reconnect her with her mother.

He successfully reconnected Loujain Adada and her mom but she claimed they “had a fight” and “since then she didn’t see her”.

Lojain reflected on her own experiences as a mother and said that there were “circumstances” that prevented her from maintaining relationships with her kids.

LJ said on Dubai Bling that she doesn’t have her mother’s number or e-mail address but she does have her on Instagram.

She brings up the account for Lojain to see. Lojain reads the IG bio and says: “Hold on your mother is vegan… ‘Animals are not for food…'”.

The ladies send LJ’s mother a photo and see that she was ‘active’ four hours ago on the social media site.

It’s unclear if they managed to reconnect on the show.



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