Love is Blind: After the Altar season 3 release time is different worldwide. The Netflix original dating series is officially out on February 10, 2023, but that doesn’t mean that every country gets access simultaneously.

After two successful seasons, Love is Blind season 3 saw some blossoming marriages come to life, while others ended with a straight ‘no’ at the altar. However, what really went down is all revealed during episode 13.

Episode 13 is the After the Altar episode, where all of the couples give updates on whether they stayed together or didn’t last in the outside world. Reality Titbit can unleash the episode 13 release schedule in every time zone.

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Love is Blind: After the Altar release time

Love is Blind After the Altar season 3’s release time is Friday, February 10, at 12am Pacific Time, which is 3am Eastern Time. That’s 5pm in Korean Standard time, 8am in GMT, and 1.30pm in Indian Standard Time.

The Netflix show’s release time in the Philippines is at 4pm (GMT + eight hours). The three-episode special will catch up with the cast as they “readjust to life in Dallas after the altar and come together for a birthday extravaganza.”

After the Altar is set one year after the third season (and a couple of weddings). Each episode lasts 45 minutes and will catch up with the five couples – two still together and three separated.

Season 3 episode 13

Love is Blind season 3 episode 13 gave us some major updates, such as Colleen and Matt remaining as a couple but not yet living together, and Brennon and Alexa still married. Brennon was not on good terms with Cole.

Nancy and Bartise have been meeting up secretly, as her mom and brother aren’t his biggest fans. They focus on maintaining a friendship after deciding to split up on Love is Blind. Yes, even after those bracelets!

Colleen claimed the reason she hasn’t moved in with Matt is due to their dog, while Alexa’s dad hasn’t yet warmed to Brennon. Zanab reveals she’s completely single but is approached by Cole to talk things through.

Netflix fans react to Love is Blind

Looking at Twitter, it’s clear that Netflix viewers are strongly opinionated about who ended up together. They urge Nancy to leave her friendship with Bartise behind and want Zanab to move on from Cole.

One fan wrote on social media: “Zanab explaining how she ripped Cole apart at the altar but she said “some positive things too” … girllll pleaseeeee! Yikes.”

Another penned: “Someone please save Nancy from the shackles of Bartise. He has enough friends, let go of that friendship and move on, cut contact pls.”

“Why are Bartise and Nancy hanging out???? #loveisblind #loveisblindafterthealtar,” reacted a viewer.



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