The second series of Netflix’s Love Is Blind Brazil has come to an end and the finale gave us an insight into the couples’ weddings including Thamara and Alisson. Of course, like any reality show, fans want to know if Thamara and Alisson from Love Is Blind Brazil are still together.

Thamara and Alisson have been fan favorites from the start, and their chemistry was undeniable as soon as they met. Although they hit some bumps in the road, their love always remained strong.

Although the cast may not reveal what happened so soon because of spoilers, we took to Instagram to see what we could find out about Thamara and Alisson’s Love Is Blind Brazil relationship.

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

Thamara and Alisson Love is Blind Brazil

Thamara and Alisson had sparks from the start

Thamara was well sought after at the start of the show, but it was Alisson who she formed a connection with.

The two quickly became fan favorites after getting engaged and bonding on a deeper level in the Amazon rainforest.

Thamara revealed how her past two relationships didn’t work due to infidelity, and she was going into the show to find her perfect match, which it seems like she did in Alisson.

They did hit a bump in the road, however, when Thamara’s recent ex was sending her multiple messages while with Alisson. However, before the wedding, Thamara rang her ex to tell him she was now engaged, and it all appeared to be water under the bridge.

The Love Is Blind Brazil wedding was emotional

The pair’s wedding was the last one shown in the finale, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Of course, in true Thamara style, she kept viewers, family, and even Alisson on his toes.

She wasn’t giving anything away as to whether she’d say I do or not, even mentioning the bad parts of their relationships in the wedding speech.

Luckily though, the good outweighed the bad by a mile, and of course, Thamara said I do, to the relief of everyone in the room.

At the end of the show, we heard Alisson say he planned to move to Rio de Janeiro to be with his new wife.

Speaking to the camera, Thamara thanked life, and God for someone like Alisson. It’s no wonder these two were fan favorites!

Thamara and Alisson still follow each other on Instagram

At the time of writing, Thamara and Alisson still follow each other on Instagram, which seems like a good sign. They’ve not yet posted anything together but we’re sure fans will be waiting eager-eyed on their pages.

Thamara stated on her Instagram that she wanted to write more in her caption, but will have to wait before she’s able to tell fans what happened next to avoid spoilers.

The pair both seem happy and upbeat in sharing posts from the show, so let’s hope this is a sign things are going well!

The reunion will air on February 1 so we guess we’ll find out what happens then!



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