Love is Blind: Cameron Hamilton’s rapping divides Netflix fans - ‘cringe’ freestyle lyrics here!

The second batch of Love is Blind episodes have dropped to Netflix this Thursday, February 20th, following on from where we left off in the 38-day experiment. So far, the couples have made it past the pod stage, a romantic Mexican getaway but now have their biggest challenge to date.

It’s one of the final hurdles in a relationship: meeting the parents and family of your loved one.

Episode 7 saw the couples introduce one another to their families, hoping for the all-important approval ahead of the big wedding day.

Although Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were one of the strongest couples from the outset, when Cameron met Lauren’s parents, he put his foot in it big time. Here’s what went down in the rap scene which had Love is Blind fans everywhere cringing!

Screenshot: Love is Blind S1 E7 – Netflix

Meet Lauren’s parents

In the seventh episode, Cameron was introduced to Lauren’s parents separately, as they are divorced. First he met her mother Pamela, then he met her father Bill.

While things went well between Pamela and Cameron – with the anticipated flattery that comes with meeting the mother of the bride – there was one scene which split viewers.

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To the surprise of Cameron fans everywhere, the data scientist revealed that he used to be in a rap group. Cameron said: “Yeah, when I was back in college, I used to be in a Hip Hop group and we performed a little bit.”

And to impress Pamela, Cameron decided to do a freestyle rap for her on the spot.

Cameron’s freestyle rap

His rap went as follows…

I’m feeling like a kid with you, you’re my main chick those other girls are previews 

Hop in the back, rolling up, then we’re free to cruise

I drop the top down feeling like we can’t lose

I’m living in the dream and those haters wonder why, why I’m so high up that I can feel like I can fly

So we throw our hands up 

No concern for those lames who desert us, they don’t deserve us

Blast off the course is like a crash collision cause every choice we make is like a crash collision 

But the truth is hard to swallow. We’re the leaders baby and they just hope to follow

And while some were impressed with Cameron’s rap – including Pamela – others were cringing.

Cameron meets the dad

While things went well between Cameron and Pamela, he was more nervous about meeting Lauren’s father particularly as Pamela admitted that the her ex-husband wanted all of their kids to marry within their race.

The first thing that Bill could say to Cameron was “I’ve got a million questions.”

Episode 7 ended on a cliffhanger between Bill and Cameron, but the two continued to work out their relationship in the following episode.




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