Love Is Blind is full of drama but aside from all of that, fans can’t help but notice the cast always drinking out f those gold cups. Luckily, we’ve found some answers to the question everyone wants to know. Why don’t they drink out of anything else?

Netflix has birthed many stars in the past, and it seems like the gold cups might be one of them. At least we know that Love Is Blind relationship will never end. Three seasons in and still going strong!

We take a closer look into the iconic gold cups that the cast just can’t get enough of, and what the Love Is Blind creator had to say on the matter.

Love Is Blind Creator weighs in on the gold cups

The burning question on everyone’s lips has been answered by Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen. Speaking to Variety, when asked why the gold cups are everywhere, the creator said:

“I don’t know. It’s something I like. When you turn on the show, you know it’s our show. It’s a very authentic, really true following of these people’s journeys, but I like the fact that we have this sort of connective tissue with that in a really light way, it’s fun.”

They definitely made their mark on the show!

Love Is Blind season 3 cast sitting around the table with gold cups
Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix 2022

The Love Is Blind girls want gold cup tattoos

In fact, the Love Is Blind gold cups have made their mark so much that some of the cast want them marked permanently on their bodies!

Speaking to E! News, season 2 star Deepti Vempati said: “All the girls, we wanted to get like a tiny little goblet tattooed on ourselves.”

When asked what exactly they drank in the cups, the season 2 star revealed: “I would always double fist with coffee, water and tequila.” Let’s hope those cups had a good wash in between.

The cups are taking over Twitter

Of course, fans took to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed the gold cups. (Spoiler, everyone has!)

One user tweeted: “Love is Blind is funny because they drink out of gold cups everywhere. Park? Gold cups. Restaurant? Gold cups, but everyone else gets regular glasses. I love it.”



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