Love is Blind fans question Jessica’s baby voice - it’s “got to go” from Netflix

Love is Blind is back this Thursday, February 20th for its second instalment, with four brand new episodes picking up from where we left off last week.

Ever since the first episode aired, Love is Blind fans have been split over Jessica Batten, largely a result of the love triangle she caused between herself Matt Barnett and Mark Cuevas.

It wasn’t just that Jessica was pursuing two guys at once – which, may we add, is a totally fine thing to do – but she put on a particular voice when she spoke to the male participants.

But while Love is Blind viewers were irritated by Jessica’s baby voice, it’s actually an incredibly commonplace flirting tactic. We’ve taken a deep dive into Jessica’s go-to flirting method plus taken a look at why it’s so often used.

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Who is Jessica Batten?

Jessica is a 34-year-old Regional Manager originally from Rock Falls, Illinois. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

She was entering the show with some pretty high expectations about what she wanted in a relationship and yet that all came crashing down when she fell for Mark Cuevas.

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Despite their ten year age gap – which initially put Jessica off – she ended up choosing him as her partner. And although things didn’t go so smoothly when they met face-to-face, we still hope that these two can figure it out before the end of the experiment as they’re totally well-suited!

Jessica’s baby voice on Love is Blind

Every time that Jessica entered the pod to go on her dates, she commenced using a baby voice when flirting.

This voice gained prominence every time that Barnett and Mark came into the pods.

Considering that when Jessica returned to the women’s quarters she would return to her normal, averagely pitched voice, it really amped up the contrast between her everyday voice and her flirting voice. Many viewers were irritated by this switch.

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Why the baby voice?

If you’re weirded out by the baby voice, then you’re not alone; there are plenty of people who find the use of a baby voice as a flirting tactic pretty disturbing.

However, there’s been plenty of research into the psychology behind the use of baby voice. For the most part, many publications have come to the conclusion that it’s a healthy thing to do. In fact, NBC News reported that it is “a sign of a strong relationship.”

Dr. Hall, the psychologist interviewed for the piece, said: “It indicates a desire to nurture your partner and the bond between you two.”

Psychology Today explored the idea further, delving into the idea that “the biochemistry of romantic partnerships replicates our earliest experiences of love and being loved by our parents.” Hence, baby talk and all that mushy language.

Jessica and Mark’s relationship

Since putting the diamond rock on her finger, Jessica has had her doubts over getting married so hastily. She even took the ring off at the end of episode 5!

And things became even more strained in her relationship with Mark, as Barnett’s physical presence in the apartment block only made her question her feelings for him more.

We’ll have to see what happens for Jessica and Mark come the grand finale airing on Thursday, February 27th. We think that fans are just glad that the ‘wooing’ stage is over meaning that Jessica’s baby voice has disappeared.





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