Love is Blind: Fans react to Francesca's reunion outfit! Dress code studied

Francesca Farago caused quite the stir after showing up in a striking outfit on Netflix’s Love is Blind reunion. So, what was the dress code?

Two years on since they went on dates – with a wall hiding them – on the original Netflix series, Love is Blind: After the Altar has been released.

Fans were shown how Damien and Giannini’s relationship was left since filming, which involved drama due to a friendship with Francesca.

The anniversary party on the reunion has now caused uproar amongst fans, who have been reacting to Francesca Farago’s controversial outfit.

Love is Blind: After the Altar | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind: After the Altar | Official Trailer | Netflix

What did Francesca Farago wear?

Francesca wore a fluffy cream-coloured coat over a crop top.

Although cameras didn’t show what she wore on her bottom half, several viewers did not agree that she came dressed in the correct outfit.

The Too Hot to Handle star also brought what appears to be a Dior bag.

Some believe her outfit was from clothing brands Shein or Fashion Nova.

It looks like most viewers blame Damian for potentially not telling her what the dress code for the anniversary party was.

Love is Blind anniversary party: Dress code

Although it was not clearly stated what the dress code is, all of the cast members were in long ball gowns or suits (the men).

Damien, who brought Francesca along, was in a blue suit with a navy shirt, while Giannini was in a sparkly, silver ball gown.

Many claimed Francesca was definitely not in the dress code. She did not know it – which was confirmed by the reality star on her Instagram story.

Usually, the attire for an anniversary party includes men wearing tuxedos, while women wear long formal dresses or dressy evening separates.

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Fans react to Francesca’s outfit

After a scroll through Twitter, it is clear that the majority of viewers were shocked at what she had chosen to wear to the party.

One fan said: “Damien couldn’t even be bothered to tell Francesca the dress code. At least tell the side chick how the main chick dresses so she can compete. Sheesh. #loveisblind.”

Another wrote: “Damien is wild for #1. bringing his sneaky link to the reunion his gf was going to be at & #2. not telling her the dress code..

“everyone is in evening wear & Francesca looks like she’s about to go bowling.”

A few others rated what Francesca wore, saying she looked good.

A viewer said: “Idk if we are all watching the same show but Francesca looked good in her yoga fit…

“she must’ve not known about the dress code but she still looked better than some of the girls there.”



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