Love Is Blind finale looks a set-up: Continuity errors with Giannina’s muddy wedding dress!

Since Love Is Blind kicked off on Netflix on Thursday, February 13th, viewers have been questioning whether the dating series is real or fake.

Sure, we are all aware that in the reality TV biz, there can be a lot of storyboarding from the producers, who pull the strings here and there to create extra drama. But on the whole, it is generally accepted that reality TV is largely based in reality. But when it came to Love Is Blind, something felt off.

Viewers questioned the show’s authenticity at every turn, asking whether the cast members were actors or if the upcoming weddings were real at all.

So, when the finale episode aired on Thursday, February 27th and displayed many continuity errors, it seemed to cement in everyone’s minds that Love Is Blind has been seriously tampered with by the production team. Here’s what went down in the final episode.


Love Is Blind finale episode

In the final episode of Love Is Blind, we saw five couples take to the alter to decide whether they wanted to wed: Giannina and Damian; Lauren and Cameron; Jessica and Mark; Kelly and Kenny; Barnett and Amber.

At the end of the experiment, just Cameron and Lauren, and Barnett and Amber were the couples to marry.


As a result of the wedding being called off for the other four couples, there was a fair share of drama in the episode! But all the drama let viewers pick up on the continuity errors in the editing. It even led some to believe that some of the scenes had been set-up.

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Big continuity error – Giannina’s muddy dress

There was a major clue in the final episode that production had dabbled a bit in creating drama.

The first wedding ceremony we saw was for Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers. When Damian decided he didn’t want to go through with the wedding, Giannina fled from the scene in a classic ‘runaway bride’ moment with only her mother chasing after her.

When Giannina was trying to avoid the camera crews following her, she slipped on some mud and got the right-hand side of her white wedding dress coated. But when Giannina returned back to the wedding venue to talk things through with Damian in the following scene, her dress was clean again.

This looks pretty fishy to us, as there’s no way Giannina would have been able to get that mud out of her dress that quickly. It would take a good dry clean to get the stain out and return the dress to its crystal clean state!


Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix

No mud

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix

Is Love Is Blind set-up?

The show’s creator and co-producer Chris Coelen spoke to Variety about how Love Is Blind works and insisted that the show’s producers only intervened with the storylines where necessary. However this was just speaking about the “pod” stage of the show.

Chris said: “Multiple points throughout the day we had to break and they had to eat, go to the bathroom, go do interviews, but generally we wanted to give them as much time in the pods as possible with the people that they genuinely wanted to talk to. These dates are obviously cut down but they were hours and hours and hours long.”

He continued to explain: “We had a team of producers, there were separate sides [the men’s side versus the women’s side]. They’d help facilitate needs for people, so it would feel like dating. For example if someone said, “I love Italian food and I’d love to have an Italian dinner with my date.” We would get some lasagna and arrange that.”

That still doesn’t explain how the runaway bride managed to get cleaned up so fast! We think that they either brought Giannina in much later – in a dry-cleaned dress – to speak to Damian, or decided to film her running away after they had spoken for extra drama.




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