Love is Blind: Meet Amber Pike on Instagram - Netflix star is a US army guard!

A brand new dating show means an exciting new line-up of singletons looking to find their romantic soulmate in life. And Netflix have really taken it up a few notches with this new series.

Last week viewers were introduced to Love is Blind for the very first time – a new dating series where contestants get to know each other through isolated pods. The first instalment of episodes came on Thursday, February 13th with the next four episodes following a week later.

One of the contestants who has found love on the show is Amber Pike.

So, who is Amber Pike? Here is everything you need to know about Amber, including her age, career, Instagram and more!

Amber Pike in LOVE IS BLIND

Who is Amber Pike?

Amber Pike is a 27 year old originally from Augusta, Georgia.

Before finding herself famous on reality television, Amber served at the Georgia Army National Guard. She’s a proud military girl and wasn’t afraid to show it, expressing her love for driving tanks on the show. Amber did specialise as a tank mechanic, after all.


Based on official information, national guard soldiers are normally citizens who have a full-time job while serving part-time as an army guard at one of the US military units.

Amber also has a bit of a wild side, which is perfect for her on-screen match, Matt Barnett. Back in 2017, Amber took first place in a Hooters bikini competition!

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Amber Pike on Instagram

Amber has a very strong social media presence on her Instagram account.

On February 17th, just under a week since the show aired, Amber had just over 6,800 followers. As of today’s publication date (February 21st), Amber now has over 26,000 followers!

Amber posts about her everyday life, as well as her travelling across the world, beauty competitions she takes part in, close friends and family.

You can follow Amber under the handle of @atypicalamber.

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Amber’s love interest on Love is Blind

On Love is Blind, Amber started dating 27-year-old engineer Matt Barnett. Amber briefly found herself in a love triangle when Matt had to choose between her and co-star Jessica Batten. But eventually, Barnett opted for the enthusiastic Amber.

He proposed to her and things went even better when they finally met face-to-face and went on their Mexican honeymoon retreat.

Amber was incredibly serious about Barnett on the show. In episode 6 she even said: “I can’t lose a love like this again.”

And she was also ready to take on Jessica if she interfered again. In the same episode, Amber said: “If I felt like she [Jessica] stepped over the line one more time, I would break her face.” Sheesh.

However, as much as the couple seemed to have formed a connection on the show, based on their Instagram accounts, Amber and Matt are not dating anymore.




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