Love Is Blind landed on Netflix this February 13th, 2020 and was quickly binge-watched by what felt like the world. If you’ve been on social media at any point over the past three weeks, then we’re 99.9% sure you will have come across this show; it was even featured on the new season of Gogglebox!

The first five episodes were released on February 13th, with the following four to be released on February 20th. Finally, the extra long grand finale episode dropped on February 27th, where the couples decided whether they wanted to tie the knot officially.

From the get-go, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were the fan-favourites. In fact, many viewers claimed that they would “sue Netflix” if the relationship didn’t work out… yes, they were taking it that seriously!

So, who are Lauren and Cameron? Find out about the Love Is Blind couple here.

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix

Who is Lauren?

Lauren Speed is a 32-year-old content creator who is originally from Detroit, Michigan but who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

In her Instagram bio, Lauren describes herself as a producer, director, model and creative. So, quite the career chameleon! Lauren is the founder of The Speed Brand, a multi-media creative company. You can find out more about her work with The Speed Brand through their Instagram account.

Speaking about why she wanted to go on the series, Lauren said: “I really want a man who’s going to love me for me, not what I look like but for who I am on the inside.”

Lauren has already gained a mega following of fans on Instagram since she appeared on the show. In the three weeks that the series has aired, Lauren has gained a following of over 235,000 and counting!

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Meet Cameron

Cameron Reid Hamilton is a 28-year-old Data Scientist who currently works for Weill Cornell Medicine, according to his LinkedIn. He has worked for them since May 2018. 

Cameron is originally from Lee, Maine.

This clever cookie holds a BA in Psychology, MA in Neurophilosophy and an MA in Artificial Intelligence!

You can check out Cameron on Instagram @cameronreidhamilton

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Screenshot: Love is Blind S1 E1 – Netflix

Lauren and Cameron on Love Is Blind

Lauren said in the first episode: “My connection with Cameron is very strong and I feel like I’m a good judge of character.”

Their connection was so strong that Lauren and Cameron decided to get engaged just five days after they met!

So far, Lauren and Cameron have been the standout favourites of the show. They’ve accrued a huge fanbase who are all hoping that their engagement worked out.

Although they faced obstacles as a couple – mainly regarding their different races and processing the stigmas that being in an interracial couple can bring – they got through it all together. They were one of the two couples who got hitched at the end of the experiment, leaving Netflix fans everywhere over the moon!

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix



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