When Love is Blind first dropped on Netflix, the series became a huge success, so much so that the streaming service dropped a second season on February 11th, 2022.

Natalie, Shayne, Nick, Danielle, Iyanna and the rest of the participants have worked their way through the pod phase of the experiment, they’ve honeymooned in Mexico and the second batch of episodes sees the couples adapt to regular life together. The season finale might see some of the Love is Blind season 2 couples walk down the aisle but many fans of the show have taken to Twitter to share that they’d be “surprised” if any of them do get married.

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix hasn’t given fans any Love is Blind season 2 spoilers

Love is Blind season 2 episodes 1-5 dropped on Netflix on February 11th.

Following this, the next four episodes (6-9) dropped on February 18th but in between episode drops, fans aren’t given any previews or snippets of what’s to come.

The show’s finale, where viewers may see some of the couples get married, airs on February 25th.

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Love is Blind season 2 fans guess who will get married

A lot of the fun of Love is Blind is working out who’s going to end up walking down the aisle in episode 10.

Many viewers of the show have taken to Twitter to share their predictions on who they think will tie the knot, one wrote: “I’d love for all of them to be married but I doubt that’s the case so here are my predictions: Natalie and Shayne – Married, Mallory and Sal – Mallory says No, Iyanna and Jarette – Jarette says No, Deepti and Shake – Married, Danielle and Nick – Nick says No.

Another said: “So my prediction for next week episode, Natalie and Shayne: Married, Sal and Mallory: Married, Deepti and Shake: Married. Danielle, Iyanna, Jarett, Nick walk out single“.

Love is Blind season 2 spoilers who gets married
Screenshot: Love is Blind season 2 spoilers who…

Many viewers don’t think the couples will get married

Lots of Love is Blind viewers are sceptical that any of the participants will walk away from the experiment married. While season 1 saw Barnett and Amber and Lauren and Cameron walk down the aisle, fans aren’t convinced that the same is going to happen for the season 2 couples.

One person tweeted: “I’d be surprised if any of these couples end up getting married

Another said: “None of these couples have any business to be getting married. 4/5 of them don’t even like their partner fr“.

Another viewer tweeted that perhaps the participants are there for the marriage rather than making genuine relationships: “Anyone else feel like most of the people on Love is Blind are more taken with the idea of being married than the people they’ve ended up with???

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