A new season of Love Is Blind is back on Netflix in 2022 and fans want to know who is still together as they enjoy season 3. Season 1 gave us the love stories of Cameron and Lauren, and Barnett and Amber, while season 2 proved unlucky in love for most of the couples.

With fans following the couples on their journeys throughout the experiment, they’re keen to know who is still together and who went their separate ways.

Not all episodes of the show are out yet so only some of the outcomes have been shown. But let’s find out which couples Love Is Blind fans appear most interested in.

***WARNING: Possible Love Is Blind spoilers ahead***

Love Is Blind season 3: Raven and SK

When Raven and SK got to the altar, both guests at the wedding and viewers at home were equally shocked. Raven said she wanted to get married, while SK said: “I do not.”

SK added: “Today’s just not the right time” but also said he “loves” Raven, who was clearly upset by his decision, as was SK’s mother.

Although we won’t officially know how their relationship is going until Love Is Blind is officially over, it looks as though Raven is still fond of SK as she wished him happy birthday on Instagram yesterday (November 3, 2022). And it certainly sounds as though she thinks an awful lot of him.

Raven wrote: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To the best man I know. You have taught me more about love, patience and vulnerability than I could ever articulate.

“Meeting you in a pod was the biggest blessing and the bond we formed there has changed my life forever. I know this will be your year. Have the best day ever you deserve it”.

Grazia also reports the couple continued their romance even though they didn’t get married. So it certainly looks as though Raven and SK are still together.

Find SK on Instagram, where he has 85,000 followers, at @sk4ever2. Raven is also on the ‘gram at @pilatesbodyraven.

Love Is Blind fans most want to find out who of these couples are still together as they enjoy season 3

Zanab and Cole

Judging by Love Is Blind fans’ tweets, many people are “stressed out” over Zanab and Cole’s relationship.

Some have concluded they won’t stay together, while for others they’re their favorite couple on the show.

Zanab and Cole have been taking to Instagram as episodes air but the outcome of their relationship is still unknown at the time of writing.

Alexa and Brennon

Love Is Blind fans appear to have their heart set on things working out for Alexa and Brennon.

One person tweeted: “Imma bet on Alexa and Brennon cus the rest of y’all… whew chile.”

However, others aren’t so sure Alex and Brennon are the perfect match: “Brennon has a heart of gold. That man deserves the world. I hope he does not settle for Alexa.”

Overall, Love Is Blind viewers’ tweets seem to be in favor of Alexa and Brennon’s relationship working out:

Nancy and Bartise

During Love Is Blind episode 10, Nancy and Bartise walk down the aisle. Bartise said it was “the biggest moment of his life” before meeting Nancy at the altar.

The couple had many ups and downs during the Love Is Blind experiment but, during their vows, Nancy said the “journey” had been “amazing” for her because she had “Bartise by her side.”

Nancy said: “I do,” while fans were left on a cliffhanger, not knowing whether Bartise says the same.

Fans won’t know what Bartise said until the next episode comes out on November 9. However, they are still following each other on IG, if that gives us a clue.

One viewer took to Twitter to comment on Nancy’s “thoughtful” gift on the show but added they didn’t think any of the couples will get married.

Colleen and Matt

As well as Zanab and Cole causing viewers stress, Colleen and Matt are another season 3 couple who have had a tumultuous time.

Some appear to be ‘team Colleen,’ while others are on Matt’s side.

Taking to IG in October 2022, Colleen wrote: “These most recent episodes have shown some of our toughest moments but also amazing memories I will forever cherish. The yacht date was unbelievable and meeting each other’s family and friends was very special.

“We talked for hours about bringing each other into our ‘real world’ and, when we eventually were able to do so, we realized quickly how much love and respect we have for each other. I’ll always love our story.”

However, looking at Matt’s Instagram page, there’s no trace of Colleen at the time of writing.



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