Love Is Blind season 3’s cast member Zanab opened up about losing both her parents as a teenager to her fiancé Cole.

The Netflix show’s season 3 is in full swing as it released episodes 8, 9 and 10 on Wednesday, November 2. The new episodes featured a lot of relationship drama between the couple Zanab and Cole who are engaged and to be married.

Despite their drama, Zanab previously opened up to fiancé Cole about losing both her parents at a young age.

Love is Blind star Zanab lost both her parents as a teenager

On Love Is Blind star Zanab was born in Irvine, Scotland, on March 31, 1990. But her roots are back in Pakistan, The Cinemaholic reports.

Zanab was in the fifth grade when her family moved to the US and she grew up in the Dallas–Fort Worth Area. She has a sister who’s eight years older than her and lives in the UK.

Her parents divorced when she was little. While divorce in itself is a lot for a young kid to understand and go through. At 13, she lost her father during a waterskiing trip in Lake Worth.

The Cinemaholic further notes that her legal custody went to her stepmother Beverly once her dad passed away. The Love Is Blind contestant has known her step mum since the age of eight.

32-year-old Zanab also has a stepbrother named Ryan.

The reality star also lost her mother to brain tumors when she was just 18.

In Episode 1 of the show, Zanab opened up to Cole about losing her parents early on in her life. Zanab said she “truly grieved for like a decade,” and also noted that it made her “grow up really fast.”

Zanab is a realtor by profession

As a youngling, Zanab studied at the University of Texas at Arlington where she got her Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude.

Zanab has worked in several fields before settling in Real Estate. She joined Ebby Halliday as a Realtor in 2020 and still working with the firm.

She also works as a flight attendant with American Airlines per her Linkedin.

Zanab has been a Spin Instructor and Business Media Sales Specialist in the past.

What happened between Zanab and Cole in the recent episode?

The pair had a massive fight in the recent episode where Cole asked Zanab if she was bipolar. His remark infuriated many fans who took to Twitter right after watching the show.

When Cole tried cooking dinner for them, Zanab became highly critical of his culinary skills. An argument erupts among the two Zanab saying it looks like Cole doesn’t want to marry her.

On the other hand, Cole expresses that he would like his future wife to like him a bit more.

However, in the middle of their argument Cole asks her if she’s bipolar, leaving fans screaming at their screens.

An infuriated and hurt Zanab leaves but Cole chases her, and they somehow solve their fight.

Love Is Blind | Season 3 Official Teaser | Netflix

Love Is Blind | Season 3 Official Teaser | Netflix
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