Love is Blind: Tampa has officially opened its applications for those hoping to find their match. It comes just as all episodes of season 3 of the original show were released on Netflix, but what does the questionnaire involve?

Tampa-based residents are signing up to (hopefully) meet the love of their lives. Those who are successful will get to know strangers from inside of a pod, and may even experience a proposal from whoever they connect with.

There are several requirements to apply for Love is Blind, including having to be at least 21 years old. Let’s walk potential applicants through the questionnaire, which involves asking for your ‘best face photo’.

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Love is Blind: Tampa casting opens

Producers have opened casting for Love is Blind across Charlotte, Washington, Tampa and Detroit cities, as of September 22. Now that season 3 has wrapped up on Netflix, many residents are eager to fill in the application.

Those wanting to appear on the series can head to, where they will be asked their date of birth, before getting access to a lengthy questionnaire regarding their personal details and relationship preferences.

You may want to get your best clothes on, as the casting involves uploading a 15-second video explaining why you are ready to find love in the pods. Those applying are also asked to take a ‘best face photo’ with no sunglasses or hats.

Questionnaire for Tampa Netflix series

The questionnaire required to be filled in for a Love is Blind application contains 73 questions. The first few Qs involve simply asking about your social media, education and occupation, age and ethnicity, and more.

As you get further into the application, you are asked whether you are divorced or separated and have children, to whether you want kids in the future and the length of your last relationship.

You are also required to answer why you think you are a catch, and why you believe you’re single. Questions such as where you are “meeting potential mates” and what your deal breakers come up along the way, too.

Applicants asked about cigarettes and religion

Those applying are asked their opinion on whether they smoke, if it’s a “deal breaker” if a partner smokes, and what excites them about finding the love of their life. They are also questioned on “religion deal breakers.”

Other questions include:



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