Love is Blind: Cost of Tiffany champagne glasses revealed! Fans react

Love is Blind: Cost of Tiffany champagne glasses revealed! Fans react

Love is Blind: After the Altar has been the talk of Netflix subscribers, who are in shock about the Tiffany champagne glasses anniversary gift.

It comes after Jessica gifted Matt and Amber the flutes at their anniversary party, which has seen tons of viewer reactions – such as Francesca’s outfit.

This is despite the happy couple wishing to have no friendship with their co-star Jessica, after Amber accused her of trying to ruin their relationship.

From the cost of the glasses, to what actually happened when Jessica gave them the present, Reality Titbit has it all below – with viewer’s top reactions.

Love is Blind: After the Altar | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind: After the Altar | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind: Jessica gifts Tiffany glasses

Jessica brought a blue Tiffany bag to the anniversary party of Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, which she went to give to them.

The Love is Blind star asked if he wanted her to leave it somewhere.

But when she did, Mark said he “wasn’t allowed”, before Amber told him she did not want to accept the gift.

Amber later reinforced to him that he is to have no contact with Jessica. 

Jessica then told her friends she felt awkward, and began to cry.

She revealed in a confessional that she doesn’t even remember what happened between them previously.

How much are the Tiffany champagne flutes?

  • $70

A set of two champagne glasses from Tiffany would have cost Jessica $70.

It looks like she definitely bought them from the store, as she had the branded bag with her to give Matt and Amber.

The flutes are made out of crystal glass, and are 8.5 ounces each.

Some fans jokily said Amber should have sold the glasses on, and accepted them from Jessica, as they believe they are expensive.

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Fans react to Tiffany champagne glasses

Looking through Twitter, it’s clear to see that the majority think Amber and Matt should have accepted the gift from Jessica.

Others are trying to support Jessica, by saying the glasses are unnecessary, as Amber and Matt are believed to be living in an apartment together.

A fan said: “Hey Jessica, don‘t feel bad about the whole Barnett/Amber situation, Tiffany Champagne glasses would look really weird in their roommates kitchen anyway #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar #LoveIsBlind.”

Another wrote: “I don’t understand Jessica crying. That would never be me. I would happily take my gift back home and use it myself. Tiffany wine glasses don’t belong in apartment cabinets anyways!!”

Some were shocked that they did not accept the gift, due to the cost.

“They turned down Tiffany and Co. wine glasses?! Send them to me Jess. #LoveisBlind“, said another fan.



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