Love is Blind: What does "GD" mean? Damian snaps at Giannina over her language on Netflix

The second instalment of Love is Blind episodes have just dropped to Netflix on Thursday, February 20th and has proven to be even more explosive than the last.

If you thought the trip to Mexico was dramatic, then just wait til you see them start to plan their big wedding days…

Episode 6 to 9 sees the couples return to Atlanta to meet each others’ families, choose their wedding gowns and tuxes, plus move into an apartment together to get to grips with married life. For one couple, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers, this section has proved troublesome. Clearly, the honeymoon phase is over!

In one episode, Damian expressed his frustrations with Giannina as she repeatedly said “GD.” Find out what it means here.

Screenshot: Love is Blind S1 E8 – Netflix

When did they say “GD” in Love is Blind?

During episode 8 when we caught up with Giannina and Damian in one of their everyday fights, Damian raised that that he disliked that she said “GD” a lot.

Usually they fight over communication, how they both interact in public, Giannina’s trust issues, but this was something new.


Giannina said: “I don’t want you to be afraid to tell me, like, “I dont agree with this.”

To this, Damian replied:

Okay, well, another pet peeve of mine, real quick, is you saying G.D. all the time. I hate that. I haven’t stood up to it because I was trying to let you be you.

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What does GD mean?

For those who didn’t pick up on it, “GD” just means “God damn.”

Those who are Christian do not say either “God” or “damn.” Instead, they abbreviate to “GD.”

It is filmed in the state of Georgia, which is a part of the Bible Belt, so it’s not surprising that some of the cast members are very religious.

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What did Giannina have to say?

Giannina was taken aback when Damian raised this concern over her choice of words.

When Damian said he didn’t like how much Giannina said “GD,” all she could replied – with a chuckle – was “Oh my God.”

Following this, Giannina quickly asked: “Even if I say ‘Oh, my God’ is that still a thing?” But Damian said that did not bother him in the same way.




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