Love is Blind: Where are Rory Newbrough and Danielle now? Post-Netflix relationship explained

A brand new dating series called Love Is Blind launched on Netflix on Thursday, February 13th and quickly caught up the attention of the whole world.

The show sees a bunch of daters who are on the show to find their soulmate in life. The twist is that they get to know each other through isolated pods, before they propose to each other, trying to test out the theory that ‘love is blind’.

One of the show’s singletons, Rory Newbrough, got engaged to his co-star Danielle. However, their engagement wasn’t documented on the rest of the show, where the engaged couples went on a pre-Honeymoon trip to Mexico.

So, let’s meet Rory and Danielle from Love is Blind and find out whether they’re still together in real life.

Meet Rory Newbrough

Rory is a 28-year-old consultant and content creator from Alpharetta, Georgia.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, Rory has been a self-employed consultant for the past one year. Previously, he’s worked as a brand director at Heroic Leap Games.

Rory holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of California San Diego.

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You can find Rory on Instagram under the handle of @rorynewbrough. Since the show has aired, Rory’s follower count has jumped from under 1,000 to approaching 3,000. This, however, is nowhere near his fellow co-stars. The likes of Lauren Speed now have over 230,000 followers!

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Meet Danielle Drouin

Danielle is 29 years old and works as a yoga instructor and model from Atlanta.

Her Instagram account is pretty much like a portfolio of her modelling career, but we can’t complain because we love it. Find her @iam_daniellerose.

Thanks to her Instagram bio, we found that Danielle is a keen traveller around the world and keeps a plant-based diet.

Post-Netflix explained

Unfortunately, Rory and Danielle are no longer dating.

The two were engaged for a short time, but Danielle ended up dating co-star Matt Thomas who made a brief appearance in the first episode.

Danielle cleared up what happened in an Instagram post on Tuesday, February 25th. She wrote:

Some of you may have heard… but I’ve been receiving this question a lot lately so I thought I would officially clear the air that Rory and I did, in fact, get engaged on #loveisblind we didn’t head to Mexico with the rest of the group we did our own vacation in Miami right after we got let go from the Experiment

This is also confirmed by Love is Blind creator Chris Coelen who told Entertainment Weekly: “He [Rory] actually got engaged to a woman who you only see for a brief moment early on named Danielle… They were together for a little while and then they broke up and she ended up dating the guy who appears at the very beginning of the show, Matt [Thomas].”

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