Love Is Blind: Where is Diamond Jack now? Instagram updates post-Netflix fame!

Hopeless romantics, prepare yourselves! Love Is Blind is finally on Netflix and already its earned its place as one of their shows to watch this year, having garnered fans all around the world.

The brand new reality series follows daters as they trust their instincts and agree to marry someone they’ve never seen before. Well, that is after they’ve spent days getting to know them in self-contained “pods.”

One of the couples with the most explosive relationship on the show was undeniably Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton, who never made it to the alter. In fact, they couldn’t even make it past their pre-Honeymoon trip!

Here is everything you need to know about Diamond Jack, plus find out more about what she’s up to now since the series aired.

Screenshot: Carlton in Love is Blind S1 E2 – Netflix

Who is Diamond?

Diamond Jack is a 28-year-old former professional basketball dancer originally from Chicago, Illinois.

She previously danced for the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls, both major NBA teams.


Diamond is currently the chairwoman of Charge Up Cares, a group dedicated to supporting cancer survivors and caregivers who are struggling with health, social & economic issues.

Diamond graduated from Hampton University, which is located in Virginia. It is unknown what she studied for her undergrad.

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What happened with Diamond and Carlton?

Speaking about what she was looking for on the show, Diamond said:

I want to be with someone who is really going to get to know me for who I am, because honestly, my mom didn’t name me Diamond for nothing. She named me Diamond for a reason.

And initially that came in the form of Carlton Morton. The couple were engaged just days after they met (without actually having seen one another), but when they were whisked away on a romantic trip to Mexico things took a turn for the worse.

Upon the announcement that Carlton had dated both men and women, an insult-fest broke out between the couple. It ended with Diamond throwing a drink in Carlton’s face and leaving the resort.

Considering that they don’t follow each other on Instagram or have commented on what went down, it would seem their relationship ended for good when they left the Mexican resort.

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Carlton reveals he’s still in contact with Diamond

In a revealing interview with Oprah Magazine, Carlton apologised for the way he reacted on the show and for what he said to Diamond. He also revealed that they had been in touch since filming.

Carlton said: “It’s still kind of awkward, we’re learning to communicate. That’s a good way to put it.”

So, clearly they’ve been figuring out what went down between them in Mexico off-camera.

Carlton continued: “We’ve apologised to each other but I feel like I can’t apologise enough.”

Oprah Mag reached out to Diamond and she stated that there were no hard feelings between them.

Follow Diamond on Instagram

To keep up to date with the latest on Diamond, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Since the show aired, Diamond has amassed over 28,600 followers and counting. This figure is correct as of publication date.

She posts plenty of pics of her dancing days and of what she’s up to now working for Charge Up Cares. Check out Diamond Jack on Instagram @iam_diamondjack.




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