Diamond Jack's PhD explained - Love Is Blind star will become a Doctor after Netflix series!

Ever since Love Is Blind kicked off on Thursday, February 13th it has been the talk of not just the town, but what feels like the whole world.

The bizarre dating series follows daters as they get to know one another through isolated pods, fall in love, get engaged and finally see their future partner face-to-face. Although most viewers – and the participants – were sceptical that this experiment would work, there have been successes!

In the final episode, two couples tied the knot: Lauren and Cameron; Amber and Barnett.

Given the success of the series, Netflix followed up with a reunion episode on Thursday, March 5th. In this episode, not only did we catch up with the couples, but we found out what the other cast members were up to. This is when Diamond Jack revealed she had big plans for her PhD.

Screenshot: Diamond in Love is Blind S1 E2 – Netflix

Get to know Diamond Jack

Diamond Jack is a 28-year-old former professional basketball dancer originally from Chicago, Illinois. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Diamond graduated from Hampton University, in Virginia. She graduated in 2012 with a degree in Biology.


Speaking about what she wanted on Love Is Blind, Diamond said:

I want to be with someone who is really going to get to know me for who I am, because honestly, my mom didn’t name me Diamond for nothing. She named me Diamond for a reason.

And while she fell in love with fellow contestant Carlton Morton, things unfortunately did not work out for the couple.

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What PhD is Diamond doing?

In the reunion episode, Diamond said:

Everything’s been great, I’ve been working on my PhD. So, I’m going back to school!

She is currently pursuing a PhD in optometry.

For those who might not know, optometry is the medical profession involving the study of the eyes. This medical speciality detects whether patients need glasses, surgery and so on.

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Diamond Jack’s career

Although Diamond was previously a dancer for the likes of major NBA teams like the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls, her career over the past few years has taken a very different turn.

Diamond is currently the chairwoman of Charge Up Cares, a group dedicated to supporting cancer survivors and caregivers who are struggling with health, social & economic issues.

With her PhD on the go, Diamond is pretty much an all-rounder when it comes to being brains and beauty. She’s got big things in store!




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